July 15, 2022

French President Macron’s minority government wanted to extend the policy whereby anyone entering France has to show proof of vaccination or a negative Covid test. However, right-wing populists joined right-wing Republicans and the hard-left eco-party united to vote against the policy 219 votes to 195. The French Minister of Health admitted on a prior occasion that vaccine passports are a “disguised” form of mandatory vaccines, despite President Macron claiming vaccine mandates “will not be compulsory.”

French President Emmanuel Macron suffered a humiliating setback in parliament after his vaccine passport scheme was defeated.

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  1. These sick, perverted, jerks like Macron are bonafide liars and are either evil cohorts to Lucifer or just frigging useful stooges for Lucifer. It’s good that the French Parliament voted this vaccine passport SHITE down and hopefully it will help set a precedent globally.

    WE ARE AT WAR WITH OUR SOCIAL, POLITICAL ELITE FOLKS! Stop drinking their Koolaid and push back or we all will fall to their insane and wannabe re-establishment of global aristocracy… THAT IS WHAT IT IS FOLKS! Modern day re-establishing of their perverted and Luciferian led aristocracy.