by Brad Salzberg


July 11, 2022

WeChat, China’s government-controlled social media giant, wants Justin Trudeau to remain prime minister of Canada– preferably forever.

“Please vote for the Liberals and use your power so that we can have a chance to influence the future of Canada.”

If only the government of China were limited to controlling Canada’s future. Away from public knowledge, the behemoth nation influenced our past in a profound manner. So much so that today our federal government are replicating their form of governance.

The conduit for infiltration is the Liberal Party of Canada. The process began in the early 1970’s, when former PM Pierre Trudeau became the first western leader to embrace China, and it’s leader Mao Tse Tung. For the past half-century, establishment media has obfuscated the relationship between China’s government and the Liberal Party of Canada.

“As long as ethnic Chinese unite, resolutely do not vote for those crazy sinophobic Conservative candidates and cast your precious votes for  Liberal candidates, we will defeat the Conservative Party.”

Let’s hear it for Canada’s post-modern political community. It consists of party leader Trudeau, the Liberal Cabinet and Caucus, in addition to the Chinese Politburo.