by Brad Salzberg


July 4, 2022

In his acceptance speech after winning a third term in office, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sought to downplay the divisions within Canada, saying “that’s not what I see.”

poll from Maru Public Opinion says he is wrong. A Nanos Research Group poll finds that just 17% of respondents believe Canada should accept more immigrants to our country. Trudeau responded by establishing the highest immigration quotas in history. The Liberal government target stands at 451,000 migrants for 2024.

In the meantime, 77% of survey respondents said Canada feels more fractured than ever. 52% said Canada’s democratic system is broken and “needs a major overhaul.”

The latter statistic fits Cultural Action Party philosophy. A slim yet astute majority recognize an erosion of democracy over the past decade. While Covid is used to justify loss of personal freedoms, a more cynical approach believes it would have happened regardless.

Meaning that it has been done with intention. Is an erosion of democracy simply a by-product of Trudeau’s addiction to power? Is this a natural development within a continuum of so-called “progressive”politics?

CAP believe the situation constitutes a playing out of pre-meditated political subterfuge. Based on the Covid pandemic, Canadians are being led down a path to a demise of freedom espoused within the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Beneath the surface, an agenda of political subterfuge is setting up our nation for transformation to a post-modern dictatorship.

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  1. We have been dictated for a very long time, covid was just a rush rush job and to find out how many sheep were among us, and I am pretty sure that they were very pleased with the results, the corrupt government criminals and other corrupt idiots got just what they wanted. It’s only a matter of time and we are going to see people fighting to get food and other essential items for their family. Ya better believe it was pre-meditated the only difference between them and us is that the Trudeau government criminals are not considered corrupt government criminals because of their positions in the pathetic political system, just think about it, that when the freedom convoy was in Ottawa protesting against the devil Trudeaus mandates what happened, innocent people went to jail and was treated like they had been involved in a violent murder case or sexual and mental abuse of children and torture, can’t forget that one. Justin Trudeau knows that the justice system is as corrupt as he is so he doesn’t give a shit about what he does cause he will never have to answer to a judge in our CORRUPT COUNTRY.

  2. Hello!!!! This is what Marxist-Communists and their sympathizers do.


    Marxism and all its social-political allies have one thing in common, that is hatred for the Western World which is rooted in Christian faith. They love only the ideology of Marxism. They lie and or twist the truth 100% of the time. They are tools of Lucifer himself and Trudeau is just one of the faces of arrogance, laziness, ignorance, hedonism, hatefulness and bigotry of the ideology.

    32% of voting Canadians either agree with Trudeau and those like him, or are too stupid or ignorant to see the truth.