This photo below was taken this morning from the porch on the front of the little house where I am staying.

This is what I think FREEDOM is all about. The “right” to chose.  The “right” to be left in peace and to enjoy your life as an individual.  My old feline cat (who is just about as old as I am) and I wish every one the luck that I have had throughout my life to do things, work with, and meet people.

I will say to the tyrannical group of obsessive, physcotic, narcissistic and self-serving group of politicians and bureaucrats in this country CANADA, if they should eventually chose to send their Ges tapo Police to attempt to interfere with my FREEDOM, I am quite prepared to “die with my boots on” to protect my interests, if necessary.

Bruce Dunne

Guest commentator



  1. I’ve been prepared to fight back for a long time now, but where I live most everyone still thinks the criminal government would not do anything wrong or they feel that they cannot make a difference, we might not make a difference but I’m sure ready to try.