by Brad Salzberg


June 30, 2022

Canadian Heritage announced that they will not allow Canadians to participate in the annual Canada Day celebration at Parliament Hill after two years of cancellations due to COVID.

A continuous trajectory it is. With Covid as a baseline, the Liberal government of Canada are methodically eroding the meaning of being Canadian. Once a source of national pride, Canada Day has degenerated into a viper’s pit of anger and resentment.

Under the direction of PM Justin Trudeau, it is the perfect microcosm for the transformation of our country.  From day one, our prime minister has been working a program of national degeneration– for a purpose.

Enter Canadian media, partners-in-action:

In response, right-wing political pundit Aaron Gunn gathered supporters for an Un-cancel Canada Day party in B.C. and gave a patriotic speech to onlookers.

“And I’m tired of the narrative of this country, and of its story, being dragged through the mud and hijacked by a small group of political extremists,” he said.

Note the positioning– Mr. Gunn is described as a patriot. For the Canadian press, this is zero steps short of a crime. As with nationalism, patriotism in Canada is a dirty word. Justin Trudeau thinks so, as does political partner and NDP party leader, Jagmeet Singh.

We come to understand their hypocrisy: patriotism is acceptable in the Punjab. Likewise in China, Iran, Pakistan. But never in Canada. By what premise does the woke liberal industry justify their attitudes? It is because our nation was founded on colonialism.

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  1. Next in the news:

    – Trudeau cancels Civic Holiday to make sure banks are open and able to freeze accounts with a moment’s notice.
    – Trudeau cancels Labour Day because it’s offensive to career welfare recipients and doesn’t need the reminder that people used to have jobs and lives before Trudeau came along and destroyed everything.
    – Trudeau cancels Thanksgiving Day because it’s offensive to vegans.
    – Trudeau cancels Remembrance Day because it doesn’t want people to be reminded of how our ancestral military forces stood against evil and tyrants (Because our current one sure as hell isn’t or it would have been rounded up, long ago).
    – Trudeau cancels Christmas because it doesn’t want to be connected to all the church burning, lockups, arrests of pastors, and other elements of Christian persecution we see going on, just like the tyrants of old.
    – Trudeau cancels New Year’s Day because it doesn’t want any more elections and preventing the calendar from turning over, 2025 will never arrive.
    – Trudeau cancels Family Day because it opposes family strength, family unity and family conviction, core values that tyrants like it find offensive.
    – Trudeau cancels Good Friday because it’s another Christian holiday AND BY GOLLY WE CAN’T HAVE THAT RELIGION EXIST, NO MATTER WHAT!
    – Trudeau cancels Victoria Day since it wants to rule over Canada and does not want to be reminded there is still a higher power over that obscenity (though that higher power has been demonstrating utter negligence and various aspects of corruption, so it’s not really that useful, anyway).
    – Trudeau extend fa– I mean, pride month to pride year as a reminder to how he likes to screw the country, time and time again (And as cover for all its male buddies it does in the pmo office).