Is Trudeau’s house of cards crumbling. Inevitable




  1. Oh okay just a question for a person who wrote this article now I have a tendency to look up when anywhere with the main line when you have somebody on there saying the stuff that I believe in I always look out to see if that person exists because you would actually be quite surprised at how many people are actors so it would be nice to see a little more background I looked up the name and there had to be 20 or more Dr Paul anyway a lot of them didn’t have pictures tried to find pictures again couldn’t it was one that kind of similar but I don’t know so I don’t know I kind of like to know just a little bit more information about this guy and if he is I would love to see him care apart on Instagram and Trudeau too cuz he’s the one that pushes the buttons

  2. Wow. It’s nothing I didn’t already know, but it’s good to hear when this expert says what I knew/said months ago. He’s probably been sitting on this information for a while, waiting for a chance to deliver it.

    Now, I have heard this guy plenty of times before. He believes there was an original virus, I don’t, and frankly that’s a trivial issue at the moment that can be debated later. What’s MORE important is he telling the sheep what we already knew: Establishment lied to push these kill shots on us. Good for him calling it out.

  3. It wasn’t hard to find a picture of Paul Alexander and he is not an ‘actor’. I find interesting how those who submitted to being vaccinated are always looking for a reason not to believe that they have been conned and may be in danger from the so called vaccines. So, Vicki, are you double or triple vaxxed?