by Andy Lee

June 29, 2022

Police are going to monitor offensive speech on Canada Day

In a very Orwellian turn, Ottawa police have announced that they plan to monitor and respond to any “offensive” speech in Ottawa this week. What does that mean?

We already know that Trudeau will label anything he doesn’t like as “offensive.” He hates the idea of dissent so much that he will do whatever it takes to quell it.

I am in Ottawa right now, reporting for The Counter Signal. I am here to investigate and report any violation of our shared liberties during the events on Canada Day. You can read why I am attending the protests here.

So far, we have seen that Trudeau has set up checkpoints, barricades and vehicle control zones on Parliament Hill. What kind of democracy does this on its national holiday?

Ottawa is quickly beginning to look like Red Square during a Cold War celebration of the October Revolution.

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Andy Lee

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  1. My dad told me shite like this happened in Hungary between 1945 and the Revolution in 1956. The Communist government propped up by the USSR was doing this sort of shite in Hungary and for the Ottawa Police Chief to mirror similar ways is an AFRONT to liberty, rights and morals. He is a gutless swine and a thug to Canadian values. HE SHOULD BE SACKED! But if his police act against Charter rights including freedom of expression/speech he should and they should be arrested and charged for our rights violations.