The alarm bells are sounding…right on schedule…and it’s all happening QUICKLY…just like Jesus said it would

When you see the Day approaching…

  • One of the most important verses in the Book Of Revelation is the first verse
  • The Book of Revelation is written for people who are going to be alive at the end
  • Jesus said that things are going to “quickly take place”: once things start moving they are going to happen fast
  • We have now entered a “global control” time. Over the next few months, things are going to intensify
  • Two satanic systems: The Harlot and The Beast separated at 6th Trumpet
  • The Harlot has emerged from the shadows – The Great Reset, Depopulation Agenda
  • The Harlot is used by Satan to pave the way for the Beat System. Depopulation is a big part of it
  • The Seals, particularly the Judgement of God are controlled by Christ
  • When the First Seal opens a rider on a white horse is going to come out “conquering, and to conquer”…