Why is this important to PM Trudeau and the Liberal government?

by Brad Salzberg


June 27, 2022

Coinciding with Pride Month in 2016, Justin Trudeau told a homosexual news agency his government would be lowering the age of consent for anal sex from 18 to 16 years of age.

Bill C-75 will repeal a section of Section 159 of the Criminal Code. The legislation will remove a longstanding point of discrimination against gay men by eliminating the unequal age of consent for anal sex in Canada.

In 2008, Canada’s Conservative government raised the age of consent from 14 to 16 for heterosexual relations, while leaving it at 18 for anal sex. The decision arrived in response to the case of Dale Beckham, an American who had groomed a 14-year-old Canadian boy via the Internet, then flew to Canada to engage in sex in a hotel room.

Parliament approved the Liberal’s anal sex reformation in June, 2019. Such are the priorities of our federal government. One would think that with all the consternation in Canadian society, Justin Trudeau would have more pressing issues to deal with.

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  1. I wonder if this is more for Trudeau than anyone else so it can avoid getting caught up in yet another scandal… or is there something yet to come with that’s thing’s personal life (aside from getting jollies out of murdering babies) that we haven’t been told, yet…?

  2. Justin Trudeau is very disturbed and should not be permitted to go out in public yet here it is still with the title of prime minister, it’s crazy how the people of Canada have let this continue, but really ya can see more and more that the people that love it is just like it, Justin Trudeau that is 🤷‍♀️I’m sure there’s lots more of his twisted evil mind yet to come. I get so sick when I think about what the mad scientist do behind closed doors, dearest little darlings,very sick world we’ve been living in for a very long time now, it’s been covered up pretty good until the last few years, then again you have to look deep for the truth, ya ain’t going to get it on mainstream fake news.

  3. 20 or more years ago most if not all parents were saying
    “I hope my son/daughter is not [practicing being] gay.”

    Today all too many parents appear to say or actually say that they prefer their sons/daughters being gay.

    Prove me wrong?

  4. What consenting adults do sexually is their thing. Homosexuality between adults need not be celebrated nor lawfully denied. Morally most if not all ‘religions’ abhor homosexuality. One in particular condemns homosexuals to death, and it ain’t Christianity. Christians for this example here make it clear that practising homosexual acts is a Sin and will keep one away from God. Christians will typically pray for the sinners of homosexuality among other sins they may pray against those sinful acts.

    Jesus said to spread the word in hopes of saving all from eternal damnation and that includes those who practice homosexual activities. Sadly Lucifer uses homosexuality as a tool to drive God’s people from God. He has and will corrupt minds to this act among other sins.

    Those who choose to act out their homosexual lusts and such are freely choosing to ignore God and side with Satan… It’s that simple. Yes, all other sins will be judged similarly. The difference in modern times here is that our society does not celebrate other sinful acts as we now see many celebrate the sinful act of homosexuality.

    There are no:

    Adultery Pride Months
    Armed Robbery Pride Months
    Defraud Your Neighbours Pride Months
    Murder Pride Months
    Child Sex Pride Months (YET! but this one is coming soon)
    Abortion Pride Months (though sadly that is changing now too)
    etc. etc. etc.

    But many of our nations now celebrate and even champion Gay Pride Month. Now again I’m not nor is likely most people wanting to make illegal the concentual acts of adult homosexual relationships/activities. But understand morally there should be no societal celebrations of such or any glorifications of such. Most of us will support JUST LIVE YOUR LIVES IN PEACE AND IN RESPECTFUL DECENCY TO THE SOCIETY!

    But because Lucifer pushes or coerces homosexual acts upon the people, many of those that fall prey will PUSH it upon the masses and will not stop of their own free accord. This is why it’s now being focused on minor age youth. The youth can be more easily manipulated, mentally abused and corrupted.

    This will in time see mass societal blowback but the Luciferian led LGBT activists will not stop and will have to be stopped. When coming out of the closet and simple let us live our homosexual ways was NOT the end of the movement, we see the fall of and degeneracy of the increasing vile side of these practises.. THIS IS NOT GOING TO END WELL!

    Again, I am not telling concentual adults that they’re proclivity of practicing homosexuality should be on our law books illegal. But the activist agenda of growing public debauchery and perversions notably pushed on minors must be made illegal.

    The practicing homosexual will make his or her account with God when the time comes. Civil people will not force these people to not practice homosexuality. Christians in most if not all of the world out of love will pray for them to see their sinful ways and hopefully turn from them. Other faiths notably one will have a much different and likely harsher way of dealing with the practice of homosexuality.

    As to it being coerced by Lucifer let’s look at one symbol The Gay pride rainbow flag. God’s natural rainbow consists of 7 colours. It was his message by the rainbow to Noah that he will never destroy man by floods again. The Gay pride rainbow flag only has 6 colours and it shows the counterfeit ways of Satan, that he can’t create anything but only can use existing things in a corrupted way.