by Keean Bexte

June 24, 2022

Ottawa is being turned into a police state for Canada Day

Ottawa has announced that a motor vehicle control zone with checkpoints will be in place in Ottawa from June 29 to July 4, and that the normal Canada Day events are being moved 1.5km westwards, off of Parliament Hill.

It is obvious that the City of Ottawa is scared that there will be another freedom convoy, given the fact that James Topp and several speakers have announced that they will be hosting a campout, regardless of any ban.

Will this result in more innocent people being arrested and charged, such as Tamara Lich?

The Counter Signal will be on the ground in Ottawa during the events of Canada Day, covering any police or state abuse in case the CBC fails to do its job as per usual.
Keep fighting for what is right,

Keean Bexte

P.S.: We need eyes and cameras there that are NOT controlled by Justin Trudeau. Help us cover the cost of this critical journalism by clicking here.



  1. Trudeau will be hiding…while his goon squads will be in place.
    Funny they did not have check points for the PRIDE FREAKS
    only law abiding Canadians need check points.

  2. Hiding is right, that’s exactly what he’ll be doing cause he’s a coward and so are all his pathetic goons.

  3. Welcome to Communist Canada, where checkpoints are established to prevent people from being able to meet up and organize. (Oh, fun fact: The same group that controlled commie land back then controls Canada now. Read some history on their downfall and you will be able to predict within 98% accuracy how things are going to self-destruct, here).

    Do they honestly think this will actually accomplish anything? Unless they are going to actually start firing off those toy assault rifles they like showing off in front of unarmed civilians, this pansy move will accomplish nothing.

  4. Why in the world would anyone want to travel from any part of Canada to Ottawa to celebrate Canada Day?

    I would expect most people would prefer to stay home in their own towns and cities across the country to celebrate Canada Day amongst their own citizens. However, the “good” part is that the Government employed citizens of Ottawa, paid for by the honest taxpayers across Canada, and Ottawa’s surrounding areas will now get a taste of their own municipal and federal government paranoia and stupidity.

    Imagine not being able to even approach the Parliament Buildings of your own country. Kind of makes any actual and legitimate Canadian citizen want to barf, doesn’t it.

  5. And to top off the insults and false narratives, you have the mayor issuing threats against everyone who comes to Ottawa for July 1st, citing ‘unprecedented consequences’ for anyone breaking the law. Emphasis on ‘THE LAW’. Um, ok? Who was breaking the ‘law’ last time? Was anyone hauled away for sedition? Candice Bergen asked that during an interview with CTV and got the usual ‘bock bock ba-cock’ from the press after he tried to trap her with loaded questions. Most of the b.s. that happened were false flags, government-pushing nonsense, lies, setups and police overreach/brutality and had nothing to do with the average person that showed up for the event. Anyone who watched the videos during the event would know the people there were representing the best of Canadians; good people, friendly, sincere and overall fun to be around, not this government-peddled division nonsense. That’s why they setup hockey games and bouncy castles for children. They wanted to be heard, but they were showing what Canada was traditionally: Nice. People were not breaking the law when you used cops from across the country and foreign mercs from other places to trample them with horses, beat them over the head with rifles, shoot them, prevent them from receiving medical attention while suffering a stroke, etc. What’s next? Open season? Shoot first and ask questions later? Is the next goal to start gunning down unarmed civilians to make yourselves look tough and bold? Canada got serious international condemnation the last time this nonsense happened, after all…

    CBC already admitted they lied about the convoy, so nothing said on TV or by government should EVER be taken at face value. Why should anyone believe anything the say, anymore? Why should we believe ANY of them? They all receive our public funds to lie and cover for that thing pretending to be a prime minister right now. I’d rather have a real sock puppet as prime minister with some dope hiding behind and moving the puppet around with his hand. At least that way we would know who hands is up it’s *whistles*.