by Brad Salzberg


June 23, 2022

“You banned guns a couple weeks ago and now you add straws to the list —  this is like a dictator starter kit.”

How about that for mocking our nation? With woke ideology ruling Canada, sensible citizens should expect no less. The rest believe what they see on daily newscasts from the CBC.

“First it was the guns. Then it was the straws. These poor Canadians!! They don’t have any rights left!!”

A roundtable discussion on Fox News delivers the perspective. Host Ben Ferguson, who at 13-years of age became the youngest radio show host in the United States, dishes the dirt along with four female guests.

In simple terms, they are laughing in our faces. Yet, away from public mocking is found a serious message. It’s one thing for PM Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Cabinet to transfer Canada to a dictatorship. It’s quite another when Canadians sit back and let it occur.

Not that sporadic uprisings haven’t materialized. They have, but in no way have they been powerful enough to stop the agenda. Punitive measures coming from government and media are a bit too deep to deal with.

We must place erasure of individual freedoms in context. Politically correct woke ideology means that to stand against government is to be branded a racist or white supremacist. The impact can affect a citizen’s standing in their community, as well as employment stability. Family relations can be compromised. Such as person could risk having their bank accounts frozen.

Let us think back to rejection of government policy-ideology of the past. Was the fate of citizens not similar for those who pushed back against fascist governments of mid-20th century Europe? How about under Chairman Mao during China’s Cultural Revolution of 1966-1976? Why is it different when institutionalized by the Liberal government of Canada?  Simple answer– it isn’t. It’s the same, or damn close.

An article by Ethan Freedman from Yahoo News offers the following headline:

“Fox News guest mocked for saying Canada’s plastic ban is part of dictator starter kit”

Upon which CAP mock their mocking. This isn’t the situation at all. What really went down is that five Americans mocked Canada and Justin Trudeau in an embarrassing manner. Leave it to mainstream media to turn truth inside-out.

Radio host Ben Ferguson:

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  1. Well, to paraphrase Dr. Jordan Peterson, Canadians are among the most ‘asleep at the wheel’ of any population in the world. I can’t say he’s wrong. The Truckers Convoy was certainly a serious wake-up call, but it wasn’t enough. It was only a start. The pressure needs to keep up.
    – That they have to provide some form of security arrangements for all members of the House of Elites is enough proof for me that they know what they are doing is flat-out wrong. The country was not so degenerate enough 70 years ago that our Prime Minister could walk to parliament without fearing for his life, but this is yet another consequence of allowing foreign NGOs paid access to our political system. The rot ALWAYS starts at the head.
    – If what I was read is correct, we have another convoy incoming for July 1st to celebrate the national holiday our dictator refuses to so he can cower under a rock along with his donors who give him his marching orders.

    These kill jabs are going to bite the country hard, especially when you can’t go to a large store without having a dozen people drop dead there on a daily basis. The predictions are that lifespans have been reduced to 3 years? We’re halfway there and the body counts are already becoming difficulty to hide. They’ll keep doubling down on this until we reach a point there will be no one alive in all these systems that forced jabs upon their slaves.

  2. Justin Trudeau slammed the U.S. Supreme Court ruling stripping American women and people who can get pregnant of the right to abortions, calling it “horrific.”

    Yeah poor women their rights were taken away sort of like what you Trudeau did to Canadians and their right to protest vaccine mandates. Trudeau you are a hypocrite prick!! You and that bearded diaper head NDP scum bag you aligned yourself with!