Left: Justin Trudeau in this first year of office. (Ron Galella/WireImage) Right: Pierre Trudeau in his first year of office. (FREDERICK FLORIN/AFP/Getty Images)

by Brad Salzberg


June 22, 2022

Since the moment Justin Trudeau became prime minister in 2015, a curious phenomenon has existed within Canadian media– perhaps more accurately referred to as an “anti-phenomenon.”

We speak of the degree of political synergy between former PM Pierre Trudeau, and current PM Justin Trudeau. For establishment media, it’s as if the two aren’t related– a thought-provoking concept in itself.

By ideological standards, these two should be considered thick-as-thieves. Pierre Trudeau is Canada’s original globalist– a prototype worker for a “woke revolution” being enforced on society by so-called son Justin.

If media refuse to make a connection in this capacity, they are bound to omit so-called family synergy on a pragmatic level.

Deficit Increase under Prime Minister:

 Lester Pearson 1963-68 Debt: $18.75 billion 19.6% increase

 Joe Clark 1979-80 Debt: $77.4 billion 18.3% increase

 Brian Mulroney 1984-94 Debt: $487.5 billion 67.7% increase

 Jean Chretien 1994-2004 Debt: $496.2 billion 1.8% increase

 Pierre Trudeau 1968-79 1980-84 Debt: $157.2 billion 738.7% increase.

 In 2019, PM Trudeau promised to deliver a $1 billion surplus. By the end of the fiscal year, he had delivered a $39.4 billion deficit. In fact, our current PM has plunged our nation into the greatest federal deficit in history. During the time Pierre Trudeau was prime minister, he did the very same up to that point in time.

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