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by Jon Rappoport

No More Fake News

June 22, 2022

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I’m reposting my 2011 piece because the mainstream press is now labeling accusations of pedophilia “a conservative strategy to attack Democrats.”

Really? Here we go:


NOVEMBER 12, 2011. Former Penn State football coach, pedophile Jerry Sandusky, started The Second Mile, a charity for at-risk children, in 1977. Sandusky is now accused of 40 criminal counts related to child sexual abuse. A witness states he saw Sandusky raping a young boy in the Penn State locker room, in 2002.

The Second Mile, on its site, claims it has helped 100,000 children in Pennsylvania. So far, Sandusky is the only accused pedophile.

To understand the reach of Second Mile and its prestige and influence in the state of Pennsylvania, and therefore to see how the current investigation could be narrowed or blocked, it’s instructive to note its supporters. Most of these names have now been removed from the charity’s site, but before that happened they were saved by at least several people. A poster at HawkeyeNation.com has put up many names. I found a few myself on Second Mile pages.

For example, Second Mile holds what it calls Challenge Residential Weeks. They are mini-camps for kids. They’re sponsored by Bank of America, The Hershey Corporation, Walmart, and Warnaco, whose leading brand is Calvin Klein.

Other companies show up peripherally, not directly, through individuals who work for them or did work for them and support or work for Second Mile:

* JPMorganChase

* PriceWaterhouse

* Heritage Hills Golf Resort

* Philadelphia Phillies

* Quaker State

* Highmark Blue Shield

* Susquehanna Bank

Then there are people who have held honorary status at Second Mile:

* Former Notre Dame football coach, Lou Holtz

* Philadelphia Eagles coach, And Reid

* Golf legend Arnold Palmer

* Actor Mark Wahlberg

* Matt Millen, former NFL player and current ESPN analyst (Millen was an unpaid “director” of an honorary board who possibly had duties at Second Mile)

* Fired Penn State football coach, Joe Paterno

* Baseball legend Cal Ripken

* Franco Harris, former Pittsburgh Steelers star

* Jack Ham, former Steelers star

* John Cappelletti, former NFL player

* Dick Vermeil, former NFL coach

I found four people who are Penn State employees:

* Professor Ralph Licastro

* Professor Bob Ricketts

* Susan Rao, who works in a science laboratory

* Jeff Smith

I’m in no way suggesting that any of these people are involved in the current Sandusky investigation or anything else untoward.

But it helps to understand the landscape. The very presence of these important names could result in someone, somewhere deciding it’s better to keep the Sandusky investigation on its single rail, and minimize efforts to find out what else, if anything, has been going on at Second Mile, or at Penn State.

Consider the furor that has been aroused by what has happened so far. The prospect, for law enforcement, for Penn State, for Second Mile, if another or other pedophiles exist is daunting, to say to the least. The repercussions could turn the tremors of an earthquake into a volcano.

In the years leading up to the arrest of accused child molester, Jerry Sandusky, there were not only clues, there were reports. The most stark report came from then-graduate assistant, Mike McQueary, who stated he saw Sandusky raping a young boy in the showers of the Penn State locker room, in 2002.

McQueary told his father, told Joe Paterno, the football coach, who then passed some version of what he was told to his boss—and so on and so forth, all the way up to the president of Penn State.

Where, apparently, nothing was done. The police certainly didn’t take action.

And then for nine years, Sandusky was free to come to Penn State and use the facilities, although he had already been retired from coaching (1999). He was sometimes in the company of children.

No one did anything.

McQueary rose to the position of assistant coach on the football team. He saw Sandusky, between 2002 and 2011, many times on campus. So did head coach Paterno. It is assumed that Paterno’s bosses also knew Sandusky had access to sports facilities at the college.

How to explain all this?

A psychological state of denial? Some sort of frozen indifference? Fear of spoiling the reputation of the college?

Although one or more of those reasons might be relevant, perhaps they’re too easy. Perhaps there is more to this than meets the eye.

Suppose these men were aware that the pedophile activity was far-reaching and involved other men? Suppose that was the real secret. And still is.

Yes, this is speculation. Certainly. But so is every other attempt to explain the apparent unconcern about Sandusky, who was on campus mere days before his arrest last week.

Suppose the prospect of, say, going to the police or the press about Sandusky meant the possibility of pulling back the curtain on other pedophiles, other boys, other connections—something so extensive it could never be lived down. Suppose, for example, other pedophiles were (and are) heavy hitters with more power and money and influence than a mere assistant football coach (Sandusky).

A similar paralysis infected Second Mile. Its attorney, Wendell Courtney, saw a 1998 police report indicating that Sandusky had showered with two boys. Although no charges were filed against Sandusky at the time, Second Mile could have removed him from all activities involving children. That is exactly what the charity did in 2008, when Sandusky informed the board that he was being investigated about yet another incident with a boy.

In 1998, the local police worked a sting on Sandusky. They listened to him him talking on the phone to the mother of one of the boys Sandusky showered with. During the call, Sandusky admitted what he did—but for reasons still not understood, the prosecuting attorney, Gricar, and Child Protective Services dropped the investigation. Why? (Gricar disappeared in 2005 and has never been seen again. He has been declared dead.)

To this point, we have heard nothing about photos or videos Sandusky may have possessed. Certainly, the police have searched his home and office. What did they find?

So far, when the press comments on the intransigence of Penn State and Second Mile officials, the statements are expressions of shock and moral outrage and puzzlement. It’s time to move past that and consider that there may be real explanations here.

Second Mile may be forced to close its doors. Moody’s has indicated that the bond rating of Penn State could suffer from this scandal. All because of the activity of one accused pedophile. Imagine what would happen, in this regard, if there are other pedophiles who are part of Sandusky’s operation.

More reasons to try to limit the investigation to Sandusky.

—end of 2011 article—

Does that pedophile case sound like nothing more than “a conservative strategy to attack Democrats?”

Wikipedia: “In 2011, following a two-year grand jury investigation, Sandusky was arrested and charged with 52 counts of sexual abuse of young boys over a 15-year period from 1994 to 2009. He met his molestation victims through The Second Mile [the charity he founded]; they [the children] were participating in the organization. Several of them testified against Sandusky in his sexual abuse trial. Four of the charges were subsequently dropped. On June 22, 2012, Sandusky was found guilty on 45 of the 48 remaining charges. Sandusky was sentenced on October 9, 2012, to 30 to 60 years in prison.”

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  1. Well if you’re paying attention there’s a lot more of this pedophile business coming to light and you may be actually quite surprised that who is running your country may actually be involved in that same activity now I’m not going to mention names because I found it all you got to do is go on your whatever search engine you use Google duck duck meow meow like I don’t know and just putting you know what keywords with the person’s name or you can even just put in caucus of say I don’t know the blue and white party and you probably get something and then it’ll lead you somewhere else and then I mean just the other day I ran across one site and oh my goodness the stuff that was on there and the thing is you know you could say it’s all conspiracy but I don’t think it is because with conspiracy as a fairy tales it starts out with a little truth so you just have to ferret through it