by Keean Bexte

June 21, 2022

RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki pressured her subordinates into enforcing Trudeau’s agenda

Trudeau’s buddy and RCMP chief Brenda Lucki allegedly jeopardized the investigation surrounding 2020 Nova Scotia massacre, according to several sources.

An officer involved in the investigation was told by Lucki to immediately reveal what type of firearms were used in the shooting to the public. When the officer questioned why, Lucki stated that the matter was “linked to pending gun control legislation that would make the public safer”.

Before the bodies were even cold, Lucki was already behind Trudeau’s agenda for gun control.

Lucki also refused to release accurate death toll numbers to the public right away, and was still giving incorrect accounts of the death toll a FULL DAY after the shooter was killed.

We really should learn to expect this from Trudeau and his ilk, but this is unbelievable. All of this manipulation was to help the political agenda of her boss, Justin Trudeau

Please sign our petition to FIRE Brenda Lucki HERE so we can get some accountability for the victims of this twisted event.
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Keean Bexte



  1. They are all a disgrace to our country and we have been lied to over and over for so long now that I don’t care much about it anymore what happens to it all, our children and grandkids don’t have a decent country to live in anymore where they are able to live a somewhat peaceful and normal life due to the corruption that we have running through every part of it, it’s the government criminals the healthcare the police and even the courts and can’t forget about our corrupt school system that we have now, so when you realize that everything is gone to shit, why bother to care about it anymore, so I’m leaving all in the hands of my wonderful GOD.🙏🇨🇦🙏

  2. So there you have it ladies and gentlemen. As outlined by Kim Hancock, you have the mindset of the majority of the average “sheep” Canadian citizen. Always stand to the side, whine and cry about the situation and dutifully capitulate to following the directions of the purported “medical experts” and their political psychotic “masters”. However, don’t you dare even think about actually doing anything, or something, that might possibly make a beneficial change in your own or perhaps the life of other citizens for fear that it might offend your medical and political “masters”. Oh, and don’t forget to do the final insulting and self-serving “cop-out” by leaving everything in the hands of your “wonderful God”. There are seven (7) major religions in the world. Which “God” do you anticipate will miraculously come to your assistance, and when? Remember, those who chose to do “nothing” should never expect to receive the benefit of anything other than “nothing”.

  3. I would take it a step further. I have speculating since this happened (and posted elsewhere as early as two years ago) that this entire event was planned by the Lieberal party for this exact outcome: The willful disarmament of the population so they could enforce their jab-pushing agenda at the point of a fun without opposition. Lucki is not there to discourage or impede the investigation. She is there to prevent the investigation from tying this to Trudeau’s dictatorship and she got caught doing so. So long as it’s not Trudeau that the finger is being towards, then it doesn’t matter.

    This was posted on a blog back in May 1st, 2020 and boy am I disgusted to see that what I said is quite the prediction… I must be batting at least 800 or more in that post… (I did notice a few typos and mistakes and fixed them since)

    “Don’t worry. The legislation for forced ‘at gunpoint’ vaccinations was just handed a nice victory, today. Trudeau has pushed law through to ban assault rifles (military weapons, as they put in a deliberately loose term). This was using the ‘Order in Council’ to bypass the entire democratic process (which was originally designed for small stuff so it didn’t have to go through the usual hearings) so democracy did not perform as it was supposed to.

    Frankly, why am I surprised by any of this? I predicted the day this happened that this was going to be the response to the shooting (Maybe not exactly ‘how’, but my point still stands). As per political procedure, they cashed in on a manufactured crisis to push for more control over the country.

    One OP-ED I caught on RT was talking about the differences between the US and Canada.

    I did not catch a lot of useful information, but one very interesting point was made which I’ll post here:
    “Never mind that nine of the 22 Nova Scotia victims died not of gunshots but of fires set to their homes – according to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police – or that the attacker impersonated a RCMP officer and used weapons illegally purchased in the US, or that his motive is still a mystery. Pay no attention to the fact that the ARI polled its members, or which 75 percent never owned a gun of any kind.

    Trudeau did this because he used gun control to win re-election, because there’s a pandemic on so no one can stop him, and ultimately because, in Canada, he ca.”

    These paragraphs said more about the incident than the rest of the article put together.
    – The lack of motive should always be asking what was wrong with this guy: We he drugged up/controlled to do this stuff? Was he an insider and his contacts could not get him out? We’ll never get these kind of questions answered, because they will never be asked on TV. Lest we forget, the media was bought by Trudeau with our taxpayer money.
    – Those words were carefully chosen, especially “Because, in Canada, he can”. He’s out Bush Jr. He is “The Decider”! He loves this level of control and power over the country and to hell with our democratic process, as he just demolished.
    – There is more than just shooting going on , here. There is arson, a LOT of it, but that part gets ignored because it does not suit the political agenda. There is also the fact that the guy was torching everything as he went along, including the vehicles he used. Why would you torch and burn all the evidence along the way if you know you are either wanted for the rest of your life or have no intention of survive it? Because you are covering it up for someone else. So, we have: Multiple shooter theory, RCMP involvement theory and Lieberal government involvement theory. Considering the super-quick push for gun control, I am supporting the latter two as plausible.

    This whole thing spells VERY bad new for Canada in a lot of ways:

    Trudeau is not afraid to murder Canadians to get an agenda pushed through. He has already admitted to the media that even if this did not happen, he would have pushed this through anyway. I doubt he could have sold this to the opposition and population as well without a major incident to help push this through, so what do we have just in time for his gun grab? A MAJOR INCIDENT! He made sure a bunch of people were murdered and the media spun the reaction to make it sound like (or utterly lie) that the majority of the population support this gun grab. Considering the media lie so much now, it’s probably easier to count the handful of the truths hiding here and there…

    Trudeau does NOT want parliament to re-open under any circumstances. He know his excuse for a government is going to be held accountable for dropping the ball so bad during this emergency; the fact that the provinces were forced to step in and deal with the crisis embarrassed him and the only thing he has done is thrown neverending taxpayer money at everything hoping it will solve itself.

    This just made all the opposition parties irrelevant. Get, it, Scheer? Get it, Notsingh? You’re irrelevant! You have been bypassed! You have been made utterly unimportant and unnecessary! If your oppotion parties do not band together to remind our government that this is a democracy, not a Liberaltopis dictatorship, you will ALL be OIC’ed.

    Even Maxine Bernier (My goodness, it’s so hard to disagree with the guy) came out strongly about this nonsense:

    “This is absurd. Instead of focusing on the real problems leading to gun violence – gangs and illegal guns crossing our southern border – the Liberals punish law abiding gun owners. Trudeau again uses a crisis to push for more government control.”

    The responses to his twitter account are just as appropriate and I am not the only one who believes fraud played an important factor in getting Trudeau back in. Bernier made a point to mention how he is using a crisis for more control. I said that the day this incident happened; that he would immediately push for gun control and boy was I proven correct. THAT should speak volumes over how it’s a false flag. THAT should be why he should be at the front of any unbiased investigation (Which we can’t because the media AND the RCMP are in Trudeau’s pocket).

    Canada just got dark, real fast… Trudeau must go, NOW! Before he kills more Canadians willfully or due to his incompetence.”

    … Damn, looking back at this, I have to say, I hate it when I’m right. The only thing I was wrong about was parliament resuming, since it eventually did, but that’s a minor thing compared to the more important points I made. I mentioned the idea of Trudeau murdering people to push an agenda along (which dates back to as early as 2015, it seems) but I did not expect it to be so prophetic. After all, these jabs are killing and have yet to kill countless people who have taken though, just so Trudeau can make some extra pocket money (which perfectly explains why NONE of this mandate and ‘science’ garbage never made any sense: When any other explanation makes no sense, ALWAYS ask if it’s for money).

    I saw a twitter video that was taken in Germany; someone had put together a number of papers regarding people that have died to the jabs (Not ‘injuries’, but actual dead people who can’t tell their own tales because their governments, corporations, etc. forced this lethal concoction into their bodies). They posted it as sheets of paper, tied them all together and hang them along rows of trees that just kept going… and going… and going. It was no surprise to me, but sometimes you have to see something like that to realize the scope of just how bad things have gotten. Something similar can probably be made here in Canada that is likely to be just as big, if not bigger.