by Brad Salzberg


June 19, 2022

In terms of politics, Canada’s social environment can be broken down categorically. Some imagine the Liberal government are working for the best interest of the general public. Others believe PM Justin Trudeau and the Liberals work for themselves, in addition to specific communities. Those of us who don’t believe in the Liberals at all are believed by government to be right-wing racists.

Many Canadians buy the woke mantra evinced by Trudeau and Cabinet. Their decisions are made for the purpose of public safety. Internet censorship is being enforced for the protection of citizens. Government will always protect the vulnerable– racialized, homosexual, “minority” communities. Decisions made by government are natural and organic. They appear in order to deal with issues as they spontaneously arise.

Others have a different take on society. For example, the idea that the path taken by government is conceptual in origin. Collectively, it amounts to a long term agenda of social and political transformation. For these types, no thinking Canadian should trust government, let alone their partners in media.

Few readers will be surprised that Cultural Action Party adhere to the idea that Canada is being led by the nose toward a predetermined destination. We base our conclusion on six-plus years of scrutinous Trudeau government observation– in addition to decades of historical political analysis.

What we see is ominous in nature: step-by-step, with full intention, our country is undergoing a process of social and political transition. Preconceived in nature, the transformation is novel– Canada is to become the first neo-communist country in the western world.

The program unfolds on a continuum of social seduction. Eschewing multicultural history  instigated by former Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau, the first post-modern indication came with PM Justin Trudeau’s intake of 35,000 Syrian refugees in 2015. In retrospect, it can be seen as a launching pad for the reorientation of our country.

The new Canada exists not for the benefit of Canadians– but rather non-Canadians. Ours is a nation whose purpose is to provide a better life for new arrivals. Devoid of public consent, new arrivals became government’s top priority. Through processes of vilification–  racism, bigotry and homophobia– “Old Stock” citizens are sent on their way to eventual second class status.

With unimagined fervour– better known as borderline mental mania–  PM Trudeau began to apply every tenet of “woke globalist ethos” to our society. Unknown to the public, nearly all of it was extracted from World Economic Forum policy. Western countries are racist. Within these nations, homosexuals are oppressed, transgenderism is good, Muslims are persecuted, and climate change is evil.

All of it advanced by PM Trudeau in evangelical fashion– none more so than “systemic racism theory.” The result was a degradation of society. Those responsible– unmentioned as the vilified are– were hustled down a path toward demonized status.

From a cultural perspective, Justin Trudeau  had successfully ground down our nation to near-pulp. Pride in country disappeared, to be replaced by national shame. Self-flagellation became the order of the day. As Anglophones carried this burden of shame, Canada was now primed for cultural downfall.

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