by Brad Salzberg


June 18, 2022

An article published by the Toronto Sun this week delivers a point regarding New Democratic Party Leader Jagmeet Singh that captures the sign of our political times:

“Jagmeet Singh Has Some Explaining To Do

“For just how long is NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh going to prop up Prime Minister Justin Trudeau? Because right now, he’s failing to serve as an effective opposition leader at a time when the government needs to be held to account.”

Instead, what transpired is the establishment of what can be termed a Socialist Authoritarian Coalition Government. To Mr. Singh’s chagrin, far more Canadians adhere to this belief than he ever imagined. Based on Liberal-NDP partnership fall-out, the party leader may have signed the end of his leadership run, if not his entire political career.

As far as explanations are concerned, CAP would be thrilled to understand the details of how an Greater Toronto Area MPP won an MP seat in the Greater Vancouver area, after which he was elected federal party leader.

How did it come to be that an Ontario born-and-raised politician moved like lightning to win an MP seat in Burnaby, B.C.— a riding to which Mr. Singh had no connection? From here, it was smooth sailing to NDP leadership status. In no manner did Canadian media drill down on the circumstances.

A former lawyer, Jagmeet Singh became the first member of a visible minority to lead a national political party in Canada when he secured NDP Party leadership in 2017.

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  1. Since 2015, the dictator cabinet has been selectively based on what the person was, not what they were capable of doing, which in turns breeds incompetence. It should come as no surprise that the dictator would also choose it’s opposition leaders in the same fashion.