by Brad Salzberg


June 16, 2022

A targeted killing is defined as an “assassination by a government authority of an individual(s) for a perceived threat.” This is what Toronto Police indicated when they said pharmaceutical giant Barry Sherman had been “targeted.”

According to a article published in March 2020, Det.-Sgt. Susan Gomes publicly stated “I believe they were targeted.” 

At the time of the murders, RCMP were conducting a criminal investigation of an August, 2015 fundraiser held at the Sherman home for Justin Trudeau. A possibility existed that a Sherman conviction would impede the candidate’s chances of being elected.

As reported by Presscore, Justin Trudeau “responded by paying the Office of Commissioner of Lobbying $400,000 to obstruct/defeat Barry Sherman suit & a court hearing that was to be held Feb 2018 to address OCL refusing to comply with a court  order.”

“A chief court clerk order was made as a result of the Commissioner of Lobbying redacting Trudeau’s name from material evidence in an ongoing RCMP investigation. Complying with Chief court clerk order would prove OCL redacted the Trudeau name from the transcript in order to conceal an OCL finding that Justin Trudeau broke the law.”

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