In this very timely interview, the Honorable Brian Peckford, the sole surviving author of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms addresses the decision announced today by the federal government that as of June 20th travel restrictions within Canada will be dropped for the unvaccinated, and all federal employees who were released from their positions for refusing the ‘vaccines’ will be allowed to return to work. Mr. Peckford also discusses his proposed ‘Canadian Magna Carta’, on how we can make legislative changes that will ensure that governments across Canada will not be able to violate our constitutional rights in the future, as well as justice for those who already have.




  1. Great interview, but Dear Mr. Peckford, the sins of these political criminals are far more deserving than fines and jail time. Their assets should be seized and I believe executions are in order. Democide has been committed on a global level, thanks to the WEF and its disciples. Canadians do not deserve the financial burden of incarceration and any further potential WEFer’s should know we will not tolerate that kind of behavior period.