Is there really a grand scheme being conducted by our societal overlords to cripple food supplies?

by Jordan Sather

June 17, 2022

What did you say? The Deep State is intentionally destroying food processing facilities around the country to engineer a food shortage? Get your head out of the conspiracy theory hole, you crazy person. They wouldn’t dare create supply chain disruptions in order to destroy small farms so China, Bill Gates, and BlackRock can come in, buy them all, and centralize power and control…

W… w… would they?

You bet your ass they would, Normie John! I mean, if this cult Cabal would engineer world wars, planet wide scamdemics, economic disasters and whatever the heck else their psychopathic brains find fun – why wouldn’t they burn down a few food plants?!

That may very well be what they’re doing. The New World Order’s goal is for full spectrum dominance of society, after all. Let’s get our tin foil hats on and take a look:

Lots of Plants Up In Flames

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