by Tanya Gaw


June 9, 2022

Update on the BC charter challenge argued by Rocco Galati:

Sharing some good news for a change.

It was an amazing day in court watching Rocco Galati in action. Rocco was brilliant as he argued the merits of the case in opposition to the Motion to Strike. Rocco pointed out that this is not a straightforward case such as a truck hitting a bicycle, but rather one of extreme complexity and huge public interest.
Rocco meticulously provided case law, both Canadian and International, to defend our position as well as facts supported by evidence, to counter the defense’s accusation that the case was founded on “conspiracy theories.” Mr. Galati advised Justice Ross that the case is not based on conspiracy therories but rather facts, and that he can provide the evidence proving that Bill Gates funds GAVI and the WHO; Bonnie Henry has ties to Bill Gates and the WHO; Teresa Tam is tied to the WHO; Justin Trudeau paid a billion dollars to Bill Gates; and many more important points.
The proceedings began at 10:00am PST and there were ‘seven’ lawyers representing the defendants.
Mr. Witten, the lead counsel for Justin Trudeau, John Horgan, Bonnie Henry and the other provincial crown defendants, was the first to speak and provided a very weak submission. Mr. Witten provided no evidence to support his vague allegations and argument that the Statement of Claim was “replete with groundless conspiracy theories, deficient in substance, frivolous, convoluted, scandalous, irrelevant, costly, an embarrassment and an abuse of the court’s process.” Mr. Witten made further claims that the Notices of Liability were threatening and intimidating to those who received them and that the delivery of said documents was harassment.
Mr. Witten spoke for more than hour and covered several sections of the Statement of Claim (SOC) in great detail. It was impressive to hear the merits of the case being spoken by the defense and at times it became difficult to know if he was representing the defendants or the plaintiffs. As Mr. Witten read through the details of the Statement of Claim it only legitimized our position that the government has indeed violated the Constitutional rights of Canadians, caused irreparable harm and over-stepped their authority.
The lawyers representing the additional defendants named in the SOC provided their submissions and it was clear that they also had no argument or evidence to support their reasons for the Motion to Strike.
There was a break for lunch and upon returning to the court at 1:30pm PST Rocco began his response. As mentioned above it was nothing less than brilliant and something to behold.
Mr. Galati not only challenged Mr. Witten for referring to the case as a conspiracy theory but also for making the absurd statement that it would be too much work and too costly to proceed with this case. Mr. Galati called out the provincial governments and the Prime Minister for spending an accumulative 1.2 trillion dollars on COVID-19 measures and that by comparison, the cost for the case would be inconsequential.
Rocco brought to the attention of the court Mr. Witten’s lame and offensive efforts to discredit him by reporting that Rocco had 10 cases which were dismissed due to Motions to Strike, but conveniently failed to point out Rocco’s nearly 600 reported cases that were won. None of his wins were revealed by Witten. Rocco pointed these facts out to remind the court that previous wins and losses are irrelevant. The Case at hand is the only issue.
Mr. Witten further failed to mention the thousands of cases that Rocco has argued in his 34 year career and the many wins he has achieved. Justice Ross thanked Mr. Galati for the information and it rightfully elevated the level of respect due to Rocco.
In closing, Rocco stood on the merits of the case and that it is a matter of public interest and should not be dismissed. Rocco added, “the Constitution does not bend, kneel or kiss the feet of public health offices or any public official or judicial legislatures.”
There is so much more to report but these are some of the highlights. Live updates were posted during the proceedings.
The defense lawyers were then given the opportunity to reply but ZERO replied! None of them had a rebuttal! This is because they could not respond to Rocco’s correction of the defendant’s counsel’s embarrassing mis-statement and ignorance of Constitutional law and rights pleaded.
We now await Justice Ross’ decision which may take up to 30 days. We will make an announcement once the information is made available to us.





  1. My heart goes out to Rocco and his entire support team for fighting for Canadians in this very trying times of Hypocrisy, and dangerous agendas that are being forced on the people of this Country,and around the world. Thank you so much.

  2. Glad Rocco is back. We so desperately need his understanding of constitutional law and the many thousands of pages of expert testimony.

  3. Lord God Almighty I lift this man Mr Rocco Galati up to you and I pray that you will give him your wisdom concerning this serious court case and I ask that You put your words in his mouth to plead the cause of the innocent people in this great nation of Canada 🇨🇦That you watch over Mr Rocco Galati , keep him safe and that you confound the minds of the deceitful liars in the courts of justice and that Your Justice be done in this court case in The Mighty Name of Jesus Christ .

  4. Rocco Galati is a man of principal who clearly understands the law, and application of it. The defendant’s lawyers act just like our Child Prime Minister and fluff of everything thing with name calling.
    This is the case that will settle the right of freedom for Canadians. There will be more to follow and Canadians will be the winner.

  5. Never ever give up fighting for thruth and justice!!! I pray our judges are not bought and paid for and stand up for every living man and woman in Canada. Gods laws, not mans and governments and corporations!!!! But our GOD GIVEN RIGHTS!!

  6. Oh no! Mr. Trudeau and company felt threatened! 😱😱😱. Wow the hypocrisy, how do you think Canadians felt as you monsters told them that they will lose their livelihood over a jab that does not work at all. Informed consent was not given to anyone!
    My mother passed away from vaccine induced clots, I pray to God you all go to hell!
    I was unable to fly to her funeral and I was unable to visit a church when she passed on.
    My kids did not see their Grandmother for 2 years and we lost her because of your threats.
    Mr. Galati I hope our legal system still works, God Bless you and the ones standing up for all of us!
    More people have died from mental health, overdoses and vaccine injury than people that did because Covid (I know no one that died from Covid! ).
    I know 3 male friends in their 50’s that died suddenly of a heart attack 4 females sudden death from blood clots, 2 overdoses! Sudden death in so many people is not normal.
    OUR FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS ARE BEING VIOLATED, if the courts can’t see that, then they have been Paid off and our legal system is 100% broken.

  7. Loving and just Father, come and speak through Rocco with truth and righteousness. Protect him from all harm. Keep his body healthy and sharpen his mind.
    Bring conviction to the judge for truth and righteousness, and expose the lies.
    We bind satan’s plans to suppress us and prevent us from freedom.

  8. Thank you
    Thank you
    Thank you
    God bless you Rocco Galati helping us!!!
    We pray for you and God to keep you in good health!!!

  9. Thank you Rocco Galati!!
    I pray that this is the case that will be the turning point for Canada.
    God Bless you Rocco!

  10. Thank God for thus brave soul. May God guide and protect you from all harm. I cover you and your family with the blood of Jesus. Keep up the good work. God bless you.
    We love you.

  11. Rocco added, “the Constitution does not bend, kneel or kiss the feet of public health offices or any public official or judicial legislatures.”

    Where is our country going if our constitutional rights are facilely thrown away?

  12. Restitution must be paid and not from tax dollars… Trudeau should be jailed and kept under live surveillance after which he should be fined billions and deported from Canada

  13. Thank you Rocco. I pray the judge is a fair judge and for the people of Canada. We’ve had enough tyranny. Prayers for a great outcome🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  14. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, Rocco Galati. May a positive outcome result, through honest and respectful judges. The people of Canada, have always honoured our rights and freedoms, and we must continue to have the ability to carry on our lives as such!

  15. Judge Ross was the judge who ruled against Barry Neufeld in the defamation case with Glen Hansman which was later overturned. He was a brand new judge newly appointed at that time by none other than, Justin Trudeau. This is who we’re dealing with. I’ll join the prayers that the evidence is so strong as argued by Rocco that he has no choice but to rule in his favour. Put on the armour for this.

    • I kind of wondered why the lawyers weren’t putting up much of a fight, feel as though they know they are covered because Judge is bought and paid for, this is not great that he is JT appointed, let’s pray for truth to prevail.

  16. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Honorable Rocco Galati! You have my respect and gratitude and may God bless and protect you and may your hard work pay off! We love you!

  17. Who can look into this judge? American judges have been investigated and found to have investments in Pharma, thus making them not fit to decide on such cases. Surely it’s the same in Canada if this judge was appointed by Trudeau (who we know is lobbied heavily by pharma because he’s been nothing but a vaccine salesman)