by Keean Bexte

June 14, 2022

We have just heard that Trudeau is finally lifting the travel vaccine mandates after nearly 8 months of tyranny.
To all those that remained steadfast during this ordeal and did not bend the knee to the Trudeau government or his media class, thank you.

Unfortunately, Trudeau only acted after he was caught red-handed flying into the country with an active COVID infection from a conference in Los Angeles, ignoring the rules that the rest of us were forced to obey.

Trudeau is a slippery guy, and he will do whatever he can to resume his vindictive campaign of oppression. It has already been said that the restrictions can be reinstated if there is a new variant of the virus. What is to say that Trudeau won’t reinstate them again in the fall if there is a small spike, like Jason Kenney did?

This isn’t over just because Trudeau caved on the mandates. What about the truckers that he is still prosecuting for protesting his demonstrably insane policies in February?

We have a long way to go, and I’m not planning on forgiving Trudeau any time soon.
Keep fighting for what is right,

Keean Bexte

P.S. I am tasking my team with getting to the bottom of Trudeau’s illegal flight into Canada. We are working hard to file Access to Information demands with the government. If you want to support our ATIP action to expose Trudeau – click here.




  1. Elections have concequences, don’t ever forget that folks.

    Also not all political parties or politicians are carbon copy the same. POTUS Trump proved that in recent times.

    YES! certainly all politicians can be corrupted and by such abuse power. But not all have the same unethical, immoral, anti-liberty, anti-western world ideals. To think they all do, is akin to saying POTUS Trump was no different than Obama or Biden, or that POTUS Reagan was no different than Carter. If we use Canadians it would be saying that Justin Trudeau or Trudeau Sr. is/was no different that PM Mulroney was.

  2. No offense to Keean Bexte, Rebel News or any of the others that are reporting that Trudeau caved to pressure, but I doubt that’s what happened. Something else happened that caused this turnabout to play out. Blackface is incapable of ever admitting to do anything wrong (Since it’s an embodiment of perfection, after all), so it was told to make up a story, take a hike while the government ‘suspends’ this problem so it can dodge all the usual blowback and responsibility that’s normally associated with this emblem of retardation being allowed to ruin the commercial and travel industry for 8 months (which bring up the question: If this is a suspension, not a removal, is this even a victory at all? Everything is still in place to put this back on like the flick of a switch, so what was actually accomplished?).

    So, what happened? I am aware the international aviation system (whatever it’s called) was calling on Canada to end the madness since it was not only affecting flights in Canada but was screwing up schedules across the globe. Did they double-down and threaten Canada with some sort of blacklisting/boycott, which could have caused far more serious damage to the country already laughable economic state? Was it the Lieberal insiders that issued the orders for Blackface to lay off on this (Operating under the ‘assumption’ that the majority of the appointed nodding donkeys were opposed to these mandates). Were there other elements in play, like dodging a certain Canadian who is making his to Ottawa on foot? We’ll never be told the truth, like usual (which I find hilarious since the biggest liars in the country want to regulate information so only their lies are ever reported on).