Did we make a very bad bargain?

by Bruce O’Hara

BruceO’Hara Substack

June 13, 2022

In all pandemics previous to COVID, Canada quarantined the sick along with their close contacts, and isolated those individuals who were at high risk of dying. Life for the rest of the population remained close to normal.

We could have followed those traditional epidemiological principles with COVID – much as Sweden did.

Instead, we essentially quarantined and isolated the entire Canadian population for many months at a time.

Society-wide lock-downs were a huge and unprecedented experiment. The economic damage caused by lock-downs was immense. It will take years to recover from the economic damage caused by extended lockdowns.

We now have increasing evidence that school closures in particular damaged children’s language and social development, and significantly slowed their educational development.

Anyone who endured those extended lockdowns knows they were stressful, and a challenge to one’s mental and physical health.

Today I would like to examine the possibility that, in trying to protect the old and frail with society-wide lockdowns, we may well have caused thousand of extra deaths among young Canadians.

The following charts come from Statistics Canada.

The first chart compares weekly deaths among Canadians under the age of 45 in the years 2019 and 2020:


The black line is 2019, the purple is 2020. You can see in the weeks before the pandemic started in March of 2020, the deaths in 2020 were very close to those in 2019. By May of 2020, weekly deaths jump way above what they were in 2019, and stayed high for the remainder of the year.

Comparing 2021 to 2019, the pattern is even more striking:


The upper line is 2021, and weekly deaths are markedly above 2019 for the entire year.

If we sum the weekly deaths for each of the three years, we get 13,595 deaths in 2019, 16,015 deaths in 2020, and 16,920 deaths for 2021 for Canadians under the age of 45.

In other words, in 2020, deaths rose by 2,420 over 2019 – an 18% increase. Deaths in 2021 rose by 3,325 over 2019 – a 24% increase.

Over the two years, there were 5,745 more deaths than we would have expected based on 2019. That’s a lot of dead young people. What killed them?

How many of those added deaths were from COVID? The Government of Canada Health Info-base can provide us with a ballpark estimate:

Only 1.2% of those who died of COVID were under the age of 40 – or 505 individuals from the beginning of the pandemic through June 2022. If we include roughly another 300 deaths of those aged between age 40 and 44, and subtract roughly 60 for under-45 COVID deaths in 2022, that would give us a total of 745 COVID deaths among people under age 45 in 2020 and 2021.

So COVID only explains roughly 745 deaths out of the 5,745 extra deaths seen in Canadians under the age of 45 in 2020 and 2021. What killed those other 5,000 young people?

When an eighty-five-year-old dies, it usually only knocks a few years off their expected lifespan. When a twenty-five-year old dies it knocks several decades off their expected lifespan, a very much worse outcome.

Looking at the above chart, if the 25,000 people over the age of 80 who died of COVID had their lifespans shortened by an average of perhaps 4 years, a total 100,000 years of human life were lost.

If the 5,000 Canadian young people who died in excess of normal saw their lifespans shortened by an average of 40 years that would total 200,000 years of human life lost.

If it was the lock-downs that killed so many young Canadians in excess of normal, I think it crucially important to find that out before any future wave of COVID comes through. Lockdowns could well be causing a much greater loss of life than what they save.

The ‘cure’ of lockdowns may be quite literally more deadly than the disease of COVID.



  1. I wish that people like you would quit whining and complaining. It was you, the “sheep” who elected this “clown act” group of politicians into power to run our Country. It was you who were stupid enough to follow the government’s false propaganda about a purported “covid flu pandemic”. It was you who were stupid enough to actually believe that simply wearing a cloth face mask muzzle would “save your life”. It was you who willingly lined up to be “tested” with a “PCR test” that any child science student could tell you couldn’t and didn’t work. It was you who willingly lined up to receive a purported “vaccine” that not only didn’t work but wasn’t even intended to do anything other than to allow some “medical professional” to inject a poisonous substance into your body knowing it would affect your health and generate huge monetary income for a pharmaceutical firm that our Prime Minister and his friends directly derived a benefit from. It was you who ostracized, denigrated and criticized those who dared to question the legitimacy of what the tyrannical, narcissistic and psychopathic governments and medical professionals were forcing upon us. It was you who allowed the members of the medical profession to shirk their responsibilities to provide proper and effective medical services and solutions to prevent the deaths and injuries that have occurred from these tyrannical and psychotic efforts. It is you who should now bow your heads in shame and realize that what you allowed to happen was simply because you were “afraid” to challenge the system for the truth. As a result, many of you, and now your children, will suffer the consequences. It is you who has assisted in the collapse of our democratic and peaceful way of life in Canada. The deaths and injuries have only begun because you and your likewise “sheep” cohorts were COWARDS.

  2. Most of mainstream Canada hasn’t hoisted in just how destructive the lock-downs were. Far from ‘whining and complaining,’ my intent is to alert as many people as possible – including the people you describe as ‘sheep’ – of the extent of non-COVID excess mortality. Without that knowledge the ‘sheep’ might well acquiesce to yet more lock-downs when the next COVID variant arrives.

    Bruce O’Hara

  3. To Bruce O’Hara. My comments were not intended to be directed to you specifically. My comments were directed to the very same people (“sheep”) that you are trying to warn. I agree the “lock downs” were particularly offensive and devastating but were only a part of the whole psychological effort and program that has been deployed in an attempt to control this country’s human citizens (“sheep”) and to prepare for the next control effort. Ir could not have happened if the majority of people had used some common sense and had refused to participate and had decided to stand up to their political and medical “professionals”.
    To date, what has been allowed to occur has resulted in an almost classic “Stockholm Syndrome” effort and capitulation of the “sheep” conducted and sanctioned by our medical and government officials. Just wait until this Fall (2022) when people are starting to get really hungry because of the deliberate curtailment of food availability. In one respect you are correct. The people who have already suffered psychological damage from the “lock downs” will become the most dangerous. Hunger and confinement are a dangerous combination. However, that is exactly how it has been planned by those few diabolical, narcissistic and psychotic persons who wish to install their “New World Order” and “superior race” ideology on the people of our Country. They know that few are going to oppose them. As Albert Einstein was quoted: “Only two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity.”