by Brad Salzberg


June 10, 2022

In April 2022, Liberal Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino told a special joint committee that the Liberal government were in consultation with the RCMP regarding blockades in downtown Ottawa.

“The advice we received was to invoke the Emergencies Act,” Mendicino stated at the time.

RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki, as well as Ottawa interim police chief Steve Bell, are  both on record stating that they did not ask for the Emergencies Act. In fact, no police force in Canada has stated that they recommended invocation of the EMA.

“It’s almost like it’s a complete work of fiction. Not almost like—it is,” said Conservative journalist Andrew Lawton of True North News.

In Parliament, Conservative Shadow Minister Dane Lloyd said that “our memories are very clear on this. The minister(Mendicino) repeatedly stated that police recommended  government invoke the Emergencies Act. Now we know not a single police force [minute 13:20 in the video] in this country made that recommendation. Now his deputy minister is saying the minister was misunderstood.”

Mainstream media ran with the “misunderstood Mendicino” narrative. CBC, CTV, Global News— all three played a part in facilitating a nebulous non-response for what appears likely:

Someone lied– likely Marco Mendicino himself. His Deputy Minister and various bureaucrats surrounding him ran with the evasive “misunderstood” positioning:

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  1. The same media that reported that Trudeau was ‘misunderstood’ when it said that they get excellent coverage from the now state-controlled media because they pay them to give it? Yeah, okay. Let’s call that one the meme of the day. How many lives were wrecked and ruined (and in one case ended) because this obscenity had an imaginary friend tell him it was okay to do this? At least calls for his resignation are happening, though it is not enough. With blood on his hands because of this, the penalty needs to be much, much worse. But you and I know the politicals take care of themselves and it will never happen.