by Keean Bexte 

June 10, 2022


Speaking to The Hill on a not-for-attribution basis (they wanted their names protected), several Liberal MPs have disagreed with Trudeau’s position, saying that a majority of the caucus wants the mandates to end and for the unvaccinated to go free.

“The massive majority of Liberal MPs want the mandates to end,” said one Liberal MP.

“People are saying ‘What the hell, why are [unvaccinated] people not allowed to fly domestic, you know, like, at least let them fly domestic with masks on. You can go into a shopping mall with them; you can go into an elevator with them; you can go into a movie theatre with them.”

Liberal MP and medical doctor Marcus Powlowski was braver, publicly stating that dropping the mandates is long overdue.

“The need for mandates is certainly changed, and the calculus is not the same now as it was two months ago, three months, or six months ago. I would suggest that the vaccine requirements for being on planes and at workplaces at the moment, I don’t think the benefits of that mandate warrant the cost,” Powlowski said.

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  1. Where have we heard something like this in recent history? Oh yeah, the whole ‘opposition’ to the Emergency Act. What was the end result of that, again? All the lieberals voted to support it. So yeah, tell me another one…

    Saying you oppose it and demonstrating your oppose it by risking your future political career to take a stand against something you cannot support is nowhere near the same thing. If they are truly serious about wanting to salvage what is left of this country, now would be the time to cross the floor, run as independents, whatever it takes to get the usual threats off their shoulders.

  2. Nothing but 100% corrupt , the commie Canadian government is. Covid is just another in a long line of globalist scams.
    I see the sheep every day walking outside with a mask on. Sad how stupid some people are.

  3. And as someone else said: Two weeks ago they all voted to keep the scam going. So yeah, put your vote where you mouth is and might start to regain a tiny bit of credibility (which at this point, amounts to jack).