by Keean Bexte

June 7, 2022

Trudeau has once again been called out by an ally for trampling on religious liberty.
The Ohio House of Representatives has voted to condemn Canada over the Trudeau government’s horrible treatment of religious leaders during the COVID crisis.

Republican Reggie Stoltzfus said it’s long overdue to condemn Canada and put it on a federal religious freedom watch list, adding that the Trudeau government’s behavior is “very similar to what we see in Communist-controlled China.”

“While Ohio has stood up for religious freedom and protected the right to attend religious services, it is clear Canada has not done the same,” Stoltzfus said.

It is very clear that the Trudeau government simply does not care about Christians.

He did nothing when churches burned all throughout 2021, and his policies encouraged the terrible treatment of pastor Artur Pawlowski, who is not even allowed to get his mail.

Canadians need to stand up with their American brothers in uniting against this tyranny.

Keep fighting for what is right,

Keean Bexte



  1. Justin Trudeau is in his power position to destroy all Canadian cultures, and everything that comes out of his slime mouth is nothing but lies just to get us Canadians fighting against each other, and the people were to into the bought media to see what was really happening, the only ones that are racist are the idiots that have the power in government but they will be brought down to their knees for all that they have done to Canada 🇨🇦! This is my homeland and I feel like a prisoner, especially for the past two plus years and I don’t understand why Justin Trudeau have not been handcuffed and thrown out of his puppet role and gone straight to prison, because here in our country, the people don’t fight for what is ours like they do in the states and other countries. It’s all a pathetic joke that Justin Trudeau is getting away with so much shit and he’s still walking around like the devil that he really is. Canada is the only country that is still in this plandemic, it’s ridiculous that we can’t fly within Canada without some kind of pass to show that you got the poison vaxx, CRIMINAL MANDATES, NOT A LAW… very very sick idiots running our country.