by Brad Salzberg


June 6, 2022

In contemporary Canada, expositions of pride take on a peculiar form– none more unusual than NDP Party Leader Jagmeet Singh’s approach to the topic:

“We must acknowledge that the colonial history of our country has actively had a harmful impact on 2SLGBTQI+ people. Two Spirit and Indigenous LGBTQQIA+ identities were actively attacked and purposefully destroyed. People who were once honored in their communities and held important traditional roles were left shamed, rejected and vulnerable.”

Let us note the New Democratic Party leaders choice of words. Traditionally, Indigenous communities have been accepting of transgender beliefs– hence the term “two-spirited.” In order to dig the knife deeper into the back of traditional Canada, Mr. Singh calls out the lack of acceptance from colonial settlers. In other words, he is insulting the two types of Canadians he most resents: Anglophones and Christians.

Reasonable takeaways: Jagmeet Singh is incredibly bitter toward our country, and its history. Ours is a nation steeped in persecution of homosexuals and transexuals. The reason for it is found in our colonial history. Mr. Singh does not like our national heritage one little bit. In terms of his feelings regarding Aboriginal history, Singh has the following to say:

“There were clearly systems in place designed to kill them.This is not a distant country, this is here in Canada, and the genocide was against Indigenous people. And it is a genocide that is ongoing.”

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  1. What about the Christians killed in Nigeria by idiot Muslims our government brings here by the boatload. Singh is quiet on that topic.

  2. How did a criminal like Singh get into our government?, he is banned from his own country, he is just another low life piece of shit that needs to go.

  3. Agreed on both counts.

    And what about all the church burning that have been happening here? Where is the condemnation of that? Oh, right, Christianity is now a persecuted religion, so those don’t count. Even lawmakers in the US are declaring Canada a place of religious persecution. Another tick for the Liberaltopia legacy. Is anyone keeping count, by any chance?

    As for Notsingh, well, another virtue- signaling PoS that wants in on the public trough. As if we don’t have enough of those right now. Baber is probably right when he says Notsingh is propping up the Liberaltopia so he can get his gold-plated pension. Well, once hyperinflation hits, that pension will be worthless, so in the long run, we’ll still get some sort of vindication.

    Special thanks to Michael Easton for putting up with my (sometimes) nasty comments. A lot of the time I am posting about something I cannot help but be a bit miffed over the blatant and obvious stupidity that permeates politics (And I was considered the retard in my class while in school, yet I am able to easily see what the f-maple leaf-c-k is going on…) I do Appreciate that you put on them up on here, regardless of what I say at times.