Conservative MP Cathay Wagantall asks a question in the House of Commons in Ottawa on Friday, May 4, 2018. Wagantall was removed from Parliament Hill because she has not provided proof of COVID-19 vaccination. (Justin Tang/The Canadian Press)

Saskatchewan MP Cathay Wagantall was escorted off Parliament Hill

by Richard Raycraft

CBC News

June 5, 2022

Conservative member of Parliament Cathay Wagantall was removed from the grounds of Parliament Friday for violating COVID-19 vaccination requirements.

Wagantall, an MP who has represented the Saskatchewan riding of Yorkton—Melville since 2015, sat in the House this week despite not having provided proof of vaccination.

The Board of Internal Economy, which sets administrative rules for Parliament, has decreed that all individuals in the House of Commons precinct must provide proof that they are fully vaccinated.

Wagantall said that when she left the building to attend a 1 p.m. Veterans Affairs committee meeting, the Sergeant-at-Arms escorted her off Parliament Hill to her car. She ended up attending the meeting virtually.

Wagantall — who also cannot board a plane or train because of vaccination rules — said she’s been driving to Ottawa from her riding in Saskatchewan. She said she has not been in her Parliament Hill office since November of last year.

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  1. The Board of Internal Economy has become the Sicherheitspolizei of the Trudeau Regime. They have zero business and zero Parliamentary authority to allow someone into Parliament based on declaration of non-declaration of whether or not they have been injected with an experimental drug.
    Preventing a representative of the people from sitting in Parliament is the very definition of dictatorship and every MP who allows this is complicit.
    Let me correct “the Sergeant-at-Arms escorted her off Parliament Hill” to what it should be: “a member of the Trudeau Regime’s Gestapo escorted her off Parliament Hill”
    P.S. For the historically-inclined, please do have a read of this:

    If you think I am speaking in hyperbole, the above article should set you straight.

  2. The press interview she gave following this was more interesting. She challenged the press to continue asking the sort of inconvenient questions regarding all these unilateral policies being thrown at Canadians and she flat-out said that there is an agenda through all of this that has nothing to do with covid. Me, I would call it money. After all, every Canadian that gets jabbed means the government gets kickbacks. Amazing how money easily buys off the system and helps to promote silence, huh?

  3. They should be escorting the idiot,Justin Trudeau out with shackles on and then give him a few injections of the poison and ask him what he thinks of it now, because I’m sure most everyone knows by now that he doesn’t have the deadly poison vaxx, he’s nothing more than a disgrace and a devil in disguise. He needs to be taken down!

  4. Well, if you want proof that the entire political system hasn’t actually received the jab: NONE of them have died / are disabled after taking their (saline) jab. If you look at the ‘revised’ VAERS numbers as an average comparison, if they were up-to-date on all their kill shots, anywhere from 20-40 of them would be dead/disabled and unable to represent their ridings by now.

    The whole thing is such a joke. Wagantall is being willfully discriminated against for something none of them have taken, either. The only difference is she understands the concept of privacy.