by Debra Heine

American Greatness

June 3, 2022

Pfizer has asked a U.S. court to throw out a whistleblower’s lawsuit on the basis that the company can’t be guilty of fraud, abuse, and protocol violations in its COVID Vaccine clinical trials because its contract with the U.S. government allowed them to skirt regulations and federal laws that typically apply to government contracts.

In other words, Pfizer was allegedly able to make false statements to the government, and lie about the safety and efficacy of its product,  “because the government was in on it with them!” according to Robert Barnes, the lead lawyer in the case.

The whistleblower, Brook Jackson, was the regional director for the Ventavia Research Group, the company that was conducting Pfizer’s pivotal phase III trial in Texas in 2020.

In September of 2020, Jackson emailed a complaint to the FDA, informing the agency of the company’s allegedly dangerous and shoddy research practices. The FDA took no action on her email, and Pfizer continued to use the company.

Ventavia fired her after she tried to expose the alleged fraud, abuse, and protocol violations she witnessed during the trials.

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  1. In the voice of Gomer Pyle for those of you who remember who that was well surprise surprise!!!!
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