by Brad Salzberg


June 1, 2022

Canadians would no longer be able “to buy, sell, transfer or import handguns in Canada,” explained PM Justin Trudeau as he leverages an American mass murder incident to validate gun restrictions in our country.

New gun control legislation tabled by the Liberal government this week include a national freeze on the purchase, sale, importation and transfer of handguns. Government has committed to “buying back” assault-style weapons– despite the fact that they didn’t sell them to owners in the first place.

Under the proposed legislation, the Trudeau government could maintain the right to seize handguns from citizens who have committed no crime. Government previously proposed working with provinces and territories to place restrictions on handguns. The Liberals eventually abandoned the idea, consolidating restrictions on a national level.

“The legislation comes after a number of mass shootings in the United States, including a recent shooting at an elementary school that killed 19 children and two adults in Uvalde, Texas. Trudeau said in response to the massacre that Canadians are remarkably united in wanting to reduce gun violence at home.”

In other words, Justin Trudeau leveraged an incident in another country to justify gun law restrictions in Canada. Because our media refrain from pointing this out, they have the privilege to toss aside a critical point:

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  1. Anytime any shooting is used for political club bashing over the heads of the public, you know right then and there it’s a 100% false flag event. Right, Nova Scotia shooting incident? Right Texas shooting incident?

    What’s crazy is that these false flags are showing to be increasingly poorly planned. What used to be the A and B-teams planning these are now down to the D and F-teams. The number of holes and inconsistencies in these events are so blatantly obvious, it should require very little to make the connection that this is yet another government-sponsored massacre of it’s own people, something that is increasingly showing to be an ‘acceptable’ event in our tribe-controlled democracies to push forward agendas.

    Also, why guns and not kitchen knives? After all, stabbings in London, UK, is still a popular sporting event, right? And that doesn’t have anything to do with Canada, either? And why not large trucks? They have been used to run down people in London, Ontario, after all? This is very selective and directly associated with a coward that is scared of someone taking a shot at it’s ugly blackface, something that is increasingly becoming an inevitable event (and one I doubt a jury would ever convict beyond being maybe violating some noise by-law or something). The trucker convoy tried using peaceful tactics to achieve political objectives and they were met with crushing force that injured lots of people and killed one. The government has shown that peace is not in the playbook and they are taking additional steps to protect themselves from being overthrown by the public. Oh well, maybe they can resort to using foreign mercs (again) to keep themselves propped up.

  2. Decades of Marxist-Liberal brainwashing of soft headed Canadians gets us here, to which for many years of my young adult life I fell for a lot of nonsense talk on gun control. But I see what it is now, people control and of law abiding Canadians who may choose to rightfully own firearms including hand guns.

    Listen my fellow soft headed Canadian libtards and retard socialists. CRIMINALS DON’T FOLLOW LAWS LET ALONE GUN LAWS! ALL GUN CONTROL LAWS PUT UPON ANYONE OVER AGE 18 ARE STUPID AND USELESS! Again the criminal minded don’t follow laws including gun laws YOU DUMB ASSES!

    Trudeau IS PLAYING YOU ALL! and you dumb asses fall for it.

    Scenario, a lady walks out from her office job at night and before she gets to her car a guy wanting to rape her attacks. Which scenario works better for her?

    A: She has no way or weapons to protect herself and is inevitably raped, beaten and or robbed?
    B: She knows she is being followed to her car and she grabs a hand gun from her purse to firstly attempt to dissuade any potential attacker and or use the gun for self defence?

    Which scenario is better for the lady?

    My growing dissillusion over my Canada in recent years leads me to see how PUSSIFIED and PATHETIC of a nation we have become. Pussies looking for government to fix problems it generally creates or makes worse and for ‘free handouts’. BTW nothing is free, as the government has no money and must redristribute others’ earned money and/or print it through borrowing.