The Goal, Reduce Population by 50% by 2023!!!

Please Note:

The audio was edited in a misleading way.

The clip that seems to have first appeared on The Truth Defender had been edited to leave out a few key words.

So, what did Bourla really say?

“By 2023, we will reduce the number of people in the world that cannot afford our medicines by 50%,” Bourla said.

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  1. Who do you think you are that you can play God and you can pick and choose who lives and dies no I make up at your name’s not on that list or any of your family names so if you’re going to do this you got to be fair to everybody sounds like a Logan’s run without the machine for God’s sakes I know that we have an overpopulation problem you don’t need to be a blind individual to know that but the way you’re doing it the wrong way wrong I’m not even saying for a long time people don’t know do not need more than two children if that you know back in my parents day it was different even if you had big families cuz they had to help the farm and stuff like that but that’s not necessary now so we need to look at other ways of doing this without just killing off innocent people