by Brad Salzberg

May 30, 2022

Gun control is a tool that individual tyrants have used to place—and keep—entire populations in a defenceless posture.” 

In October, 1949, Chinese Communist leader Mao Zedong declared the creation of the People’s Republic of China (PRC). Developing in the aftermath of World War 2, the announcement ended the civil war between the Chinese Communist Party and the opposing Nationalist Party.

Thereafter, Chairman Mao disarmed the Chinese people. With a government fully armed  versus a people with no means for self-defense, Mao proceeded to perpetrate what is arguably the largest mass murder in history. What does this have to do with Canada in 2022? Perhaps little– or perhaps not.

A new gun control bill has been tabled by the Liberal government of Canada. While a national ban is not expected, government may phase out handgun ownership with a limit on the number of firearm licences handed out. Importation and manufacturing of new handguns may also be outlawed.

Permit CAP to apply our analytic skills to the situation. In politics, timing is everything. As such, we note the synergy between the rise of anger and resentment against Justin Trudeau, as well as NDP Party Leader Jagmeet Singh. The phenomenon has of late reached something of a climax. Both politicians are under verbal attack wherever they appear.  Anger also manifests toward various Liberal Cabinet members. Media report that MP’s are being forced to increase office security. Last week, an article from CBC News informed readers that Canadian news industry members are suffering alarming levels of stress and trauma:

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  1. These professional people are going against their core values: truth, love, family and freedom. Doing the opposite in a profession that is challenging as well is killing them!

  2. Of course they need to ban guns cannot defend ourselves against facist pigs like Trudeau while he has armed guards. I hope the little narcisstic bastard drops dead

    Symptoms may vary from person to person. The most common symptoms include:

    Being overly boastful, exaggerating one’s own achievements
    Pretending to be superior to others
    Lack of empathy for others
    Looking down on others as inferior
    Monopolising conversations
    Impatient, angry, unhappy, depressed or has mood swings when criticized
    Easily disappointed when expected importance is not given
    Always craves for “the best” in everything
    Has a very fragile self-esteem

  3. Taking bets, everyone! Taking bets for the next false flag, coming to a village or small town near you! I doubt it would happen out west given Dictator’s lesser control of what goes on out there, so my money is on either Ontario or Quebec, probably the middle of July in some rural village of a couple thousand people or less.

    But as what was said above, yeah, we have total cowards wasting tens of millions of taxpayer funds (nothing new there) to bulletproof all the cottages, retreats and other hiding places in Canada (and possibly in other countries) while we are expected to remain disarmed.

    As for Jagmeet Notsingh, well, get chased by white people and that’s a glorified hate crime worth of news. Get chased and hassled by his fellow Sikhs that treat him as an obscenity and crime against humanity, all you hear are crickets…