by Brad Salzberg

May 27, 2022

Three stops in Canadian towns this week. At each one, PM Justin Trudeau is confronted by angry protestors. During an appearance in Kamloops, B.C., Trudeau was heckled and called “a criminal” by Indigenous protesters. In Surrey, B.C., Trudeau followed police recommendations to cancel an appearance at a fundraiser over protest-related safety concerns.

NDP Party Leader Jagmeet Singh fell prey to similar circumstances earlier this month, when he was verbally harassed at a campaign stop in Peterborough, Ontario.

Mr. Singh spoke to As It Happens guest host David Gray about what he sees as a worrying trend in Canada:

Gray: “Who or what is fuelling that behaviour?”

Singh: “They’re just kind of expressing broad, untethered anger.”

His response is sad on a number of levels. The anger is not broad– it is specific. This takes the form of an agreement the NDP leader entered into for the purpose of locking PM Trudeau in for an additional three years in office.

Either Mr. Singh doesn’t realize the anger he has created, or he does, and is using broad generalizations to deflect the motive. Not that the partnership is an exclusive factor. Singh and Trudeau are partners in another piece of politics: branding Canadian society racist, bigoted and xenophobic.

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