by Brad Salzberg


May 26, 2022

“What has happened to Indigenous people in Canada is genocide, no question about it. There were clearly systems in place designed to kill them.“

“215 Indigenous kids were found in an unmarked mass grave. Anytime you think of unmarked mass graves, you think of a distant country where a genocide has happened. This is not a distant country, this is here in Canada, and the genocide was against Indigenous people. It is a genocide that is ongoing.”

— New Democratic Party Leader, Jagmeet Singh

Should Canadians take Mr. Singh at his word? After all, the man is an aberration of a politician. While holding a position as leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada, he actually works for the Liberal Party of Canada.

In March, 2022, PM Justin Trudeau announced that the Liberals had struck a deal with the federal NDP to govern until 2025:

“This supply and confidence agreement starts today and will be in place until the end of this Parliament in 2025,” stated PM Trudeau. By signing the agreement, Jagmeet Singh bestowed the greatest favour upon the Liberals imaginable– a license for a minority government to continue authoritarian control for three more years.

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  1. Meanwhile there is a vacuum of silence regarding the established genocide campaign against the Canadian public at this very moment through the use of the kill jabs; a genocide you are an active participant of through your propping up of a tyrannical hysteria that is increasingly more delusional, more insane and more mentally dysfunctional with every passing day.

    Maybe Jagmeet Notsingh could go back to his country in India and resume his hobby of blowing up airplanes? Oh wait, India doesn’t want him back. Curiously, the US doesn’t want him, either. Would be nice to see this obscenity’s past catch up to him.

    As for the Liberal backbenchers who’s only job is to keep their seats warm, if you are serious about wanting to oppose Trudeau’s dictatorship, then stop ‘voting’ in favour of everything, stop accepting the bribes and cross the floor; stand up for not only yourselves but for the country for once in your existence. If 40 of them broke rank, the NDP would not be enough to keep this power grab going and you’ll be remembered for doing the right thing, not just being another cog in the engine of destruction.

  2. This Jagmeet Singh is one terrible person. He is a liar, a racist, anti-Canadian, a hysteria peddler and is a POS! This ahole will never know or speak the truth on anything. He should crawl back under the rock from which his sick minded ass came from