by Jordan Sather

Substack Page

May 25, 2022

It’s almost like this Substack account is turning into a False Flag exposing page. I’ll be writing about different topics soon, but we’ve had multiple mass shootings in the last week, each getting national news and each suspicious as heck.

Last week it was Buffalo New York, you can read the Substack article I did on that event here. Now we have a shooting in Uvalde Texas, where the “official story” says an 18 year old killed upwards of 19 children at an elementary school with a pistol and rifle. As with the Buffalo event (and other mass shooting over the years, from Parkland to Las Vegas to Pulse and before), this one has many mysteries to it.

The sooner we get rid of this NWO Illuminati Cult, the sooner the mass shootings will stop. Guns aren’t the problem, our social engineering elitists are.

And of course all these shootings happen when bombshells are starting to drop in Durham’s investigation and election fraud raids are starting in AZ, right? Right?

Time to Expose.

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  1. So, the story is that an unemployed 18-year-old cross dresser living with his grandmother had 2 BRAND NEW Daniel Defense AR15 rifles, worth almost $5000, plus ammo, plus optics. Add to that a $70,000 f250 pickup and body armor. Seems like he may have had some help?? I know these Rifles are hard to come by and a favorite of the Feds! Something stinks here!

  2. 1: Gun Control, advocates, firstly there are THOUSANDS of gun laws throughout the USA, so no laws will stop an jerk from shooting up people like seen here.

    2: The guy got his two rifles legally with the Federal background checks, so why would more back ground checks make any difference?

    3: His hand gun was illegal as it appears to have been is grandmothers hand gun.

    4: 94% of all US mass shootings, (BTW that is 3 or more people being shot at but not necessarily killed) happen in GUN FREE ZONES. A Gun Free Zone is a targeted BULLSEYE. No damn sign is going to stop a shooting at a gun free zone. SO STOP YOU DAMNED VIRUE SIGNALLING HERE YOU GUN CONTROL ADVOCATES!

    5: US DOJ stats note that the defensive use or just deployment of firearms in the USA stops between 1.5 million and 3 million potential violent crimes each year.

    6: Over 94% of all US gun homicides are criminal vs. criminal and most with illegal guns, so none of the gun laws and not any more gun laws will change this stat.

    7: If you all truly wanted to protect kids in schools from these actually rare school gun shootings, then advocate lawfully armed and agreed to carry teachers or staff to have firearms in the schools. If a potential shooter knew before hand that he/she may be facing any number of school staff who are armed, do you think they will be quick to shoot up schools? Do you see these shooters ever shooting up police stations or Biker bars? NO! why? because they know others will be shooting back at them if they did.

    8: A simple secondary measure for schools is ALL outside doors are locked from the inside once school, starts and nobody can enter without being I.D’d and then let in.

    9: Why do liberals/Democrats and gun control people actually not want to protect school kids by the virtue signalling actions they prescribe? Because they actually want and like victims. The Texas shooter here failed one thing these hateful, liberal, leftists wanted. HE WAS NOT A WHITE MALE! Oh for sure folks, they so wanted to have him be a white male, before they found out that he was not.


    That a firearm self loads rounds, that it then finds and points its barrel at a human and itself pulls the trigger thus shooting the human. If you can show me this happens or can happen, then I will advocate banning such guns.

    11: What stopped this Texas shooter?

    That’s right a police (border patrol agent in this case) with a GUN!!! Why don’t you gun control advocates NOT want a cop or other trained persons there BEFORE the shooting starts?
    The shooter was in this school for like 30 minutes folks!

    For any lawful citizen, in any civilized nations, Canadians included to NOT be allowed to own and carry any lawfully bought firearms for self-defence, family defence and property defence IS A SHAME AND I SAY A CRIME!

    Who has the better chance of defence below?

    a). A woman minding her own business and out of the blue attacked to be raped by some sick bugger and she has no weapons especially a gun for defence?

    b) A woman who lawfully carries and responsibly knows how to use a gun, is about to be attacked by the same sick bugger rapist and she has this gun for defence?

    Again which scenario is more likely to be better for the woman?


    a) It’s 2:00am and your house is about to be broken into by a person or persons armed or not, you don’t not know at moment as the door is being kicked in. But you do not have a firearm as protection but you may have to confront the person or persons breaking in.

    b) It’s 2:00am and the same break in happens but YOU HAVE a firearm and can protect yourself, your family and your property from the person or persons breaking in.