Stop World Control

The dawn of a worldwide revolution in elections


We are experiencing the dawn of a worldwide revolution, that will transform our future… for the better!

Make sure to read this entire post, as it gives key insights to see a brand new world emerge, with freedom and hope. We will start out with the current election revolution in America, but you will soon see how this will transform every country of the world. So wherever you live, make sure to keep reading.

How elections protect nations from tyranny


There are different ways a country can be governed. One method is through dictatorship, where the people have no voice, and are at the mercy of merciless rulers. A better option is the democratic system where the people elect leaders who will represent them and serve the interests of the people. If an elected official betrays the population, he can be removed in the next election.

Elections are the heartbeat of every country that is not ruled by a dictator. Without elections, nations are doomed to fall into tyranny.

Are elections being rigged?


There have been persistent claims that the 2020 US presidential elections were rigged, to remove Trump from office, and position Biden as an instrument of the Deep State. Is that claim accurate? Is there solid evidence for it?

The answer to this question is of critical importance for all of us, so let’s have an in depth look at the facts…

Stark contrast in polularity


The 2020 United States presidential election saw the starkest contrast in all of American history, in terms of popularity of the candidates. On the one hand you have a dementing man who stumbles over his words and feet all the time, often doesn’t know who, when or where he is, and has to use notecards – written by others – to know what he has to say.

Biden seldom held a rally, and when he did, only a handful of people showed up. Some attendees confessed they were paid to be there. In Arizona literally nobody came to his rally.


His opponent, on the other hand, drew the largest crowds in all of American history. Car, boat and truck parades sometimes stretched for 70 miles, counting thousands of vehicles, and tens of thousands of excited supporters. Although the media went out of their way to depict Trump as being hated by America, the explosive attendance of his innumerable rallies proves them immensely wrong.

One candidate was clearly the least popular of all time, while the other – in spite of being slandered by the mainstream media day and night – proved to be loved by the vast majority of Americans.

Trump was so extremely popular that he won the 2016 elections, despite unprecedented hate campaigns unleashed by all the news and social media, who believed their influence on the public would suffice to get rid of him. But despite the deployment of their entire mind control arsenal, the American people overwhelmingly voted for him. Hillary Clinton was so shocked that she wrote a book titled, ‘What happened?’.


The media positions politicians


Usually the influence of the media on the minds of the public suffices to determine the outcome of any election. All the news media need to do, is tell the people who to hate and who to love, and the unthinking masses unquestioningly follow along. This was revealed by the editor in chief of a large European newspaper ‘Het Algemeen Dagblad’ (The General Newspaper) , who said:

‘We can also make Wilders the prime minister if you want. You do it through us. Maybe you should not reveal this, but this is how it works.’

The CNN technical director Charlie Chester was recorded on hidden camera by a Project Veritas journalist, admitting that they are responsible for removing Trump from office.

‘Our focus was to get Trump out of office. Without saying it, that’s what it was.’


The plan to remove the president


In 2016 the popularity of Trump was however so enormous that he won the elections despite the unprecedented media war against him. The Deep State was caught off guard, but were determined not to make this mistake a second time. During a 2018 World Economic Forum conference in Davos, the world renowned billionaire criminal George Soros stated:

‘Clearly, I consider the Trump administration a danger to the world. But I regard it as a purely temporary phenomenon that will disappear in 2020.’

A clearer statement could not have been made about their plans. Indeed, in 2020 the Deep State positioned their preferred puppet – a body double for the late Joe Biden – who was hardly able to capture the hearts of the American people. Those that voted for him, only did so because Trump wasn’t an option, due to the intense hate campaigns that had filled their hearts with disgust. But any intelligent person knew Biden stood no chance.

A guy who can’t talk straight, forgets who he is, where he is, and what he is supposed to say, and who shouts at empty chairs during his campaigns?

Yet, when the elections came, something happened that shook America – and the entire free world – to the core. The demented actor ‘won’, with more votes than any other president in all of American history!

The public ‘excitement’ for his victory was so great that during his inauguration tens of thousands of flags were put up, to create the illusion of a crowd… because nobody showed up!


The National Guard had to put up fences and deploy massive military presence around Washington DC to keep the angry Americans out, who knew this elections was rigged.

Whenever this so-called ‘elected’ president posted something on YouTube, there were so many dislikes that YouTube ended up removing the option to dislike videos all together, to hide the disapproval of the American people.

Professional commenters were hired, and tens of thousands of bots were deployed, to post positive reactions on social media, to create the illusion that Biden is ‘loved’ by the people.

Half of Biden’s so called followers on Twitter are fake accounts (bots used for propaganda).

Then the revolution started…