by Brad Salzberg


May 21, 2022

What do Frank Plummer, David Butler-Jones and Gregory Taylor have in common? Each of them has served as Chief Health Officer of Canada. All three men were born and educated in our country.

Then came Dr. Teresa Tam. Appointed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Dr. Tam is everything our PM could want when selecting an individual to serve as Canada’s ersatz medical dictator. Born in Hong Kong, educated in Europe, gender ambiguous, non-Caucasian– Theresa Tam is a model of woke perfection.

Not that she doesn’t have experience for the role. Dr. Tam is an expert in virology. Schooled in SARS and Covid from China, expert in Ebola and Monkeypox from Africa, Tam is a snug fit for Justin Trudeau.

Move over Queen Elizabeth, and tell Kim Kardashian the news: there’s a new queen in town. A non-elected one at that. Since the advent of Covid 19, Theresa Tam has risen in the ranks to become queen of Canada’s medical ball. If Tam says its disease-time, Canadians are to follow all orders.

It is under these circumstances that CBC News are presently ramping up the Monkeypox Wars. Whether the nouveau virus will scale the heights of Covid remains to be seen. What doesn’t, however, is the shaping of society into its post-modern condition:

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  1. Tam that Fking Zipper head bitch part of this BS Monkey Pox which was in predicted in May of 2021, that there would be an outbreak in May 2022 just in time for the WHO takeover.