by Michel Rloux

April 23, 2022

Electric cars – the biggest scam the world has ever seen?
Has anyone thought of this?
‘If all cars were electric…
What if we were stuck in a three hour traffic jam in the cold of a snow storm, the batteries would completely die.
Because there’s basically no heating in the electric car.
And the fact that I’m stuck in the street all night, no battery, no heating, no windshield wipers, no radio, no gps, the battery is dead a long time ago.
You can try calling the ambulance and protect women and children but they can’t come to help you because all roads are closed and probably all police cars will be electric.
And when the roads are closed by thousands of parked cars, no one will be able to progress. How to recharge the batteries on the spot?
The same problem is that there are miles of logs during summer holidays.
It would not be possible to turn on the AC of an electric car for a short time. Your batteries would die in an instant!
Of course, no politician or journalist is talking about it, but it will happen.


Oh, By the way…

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  1. One question to ask all those who favour (fall for) this electrification of all automobiles, Where is the electricity going to come from and how will we get this electricity ie: cost to add, to replace and upgrade all transmission lines to handle all this new (???) found electricity to all areas to where drivers can plug in and charge up their electric automobiles?

    BTW in Canada and the USA combined there is what ? between 20-25 million passenger autos on our roads and this does not include the commercial fleet of trucks, taxis and other cars.

    Oh and a follow up for you electric car zealots, are you OK with all the child labor in African nations and slave labor in China digging up or making all the stuff needed to make batteries and such for all these supposed (NOT!)GREEN electric vehicles?

    Greta ‘I’m the saviour of earth in my head’ Thundberg chose not to go to school in her virtue signalling teen years. 11-12-13-14-15 y.o. African kids mining this shite did not have such a choice to leave school.

  2. this new religion of global warming – all it does is move the “pollution” from one pile to another without meaningful protection of the earth. the lies of our times are overwhelming. and so few seem to see it.

  3. Lithium mining is the dirty business nobody will discuss. Heavy mining requires fossil fuels, scars the earth with massive mining operations, takes massive amount of water per ton, and requires caustic chemicals to produce with their own environmental impacts. All this doesn’t even address the dirty job of disposal. One can argue the “cradle to grave” cost of electric is even worse than fossil fuels.

    • Every car in the photo above is an internal combustion engine -not a single electric car. .
      10 lbs of lithium, and 80,000 kWh of hydro (renewable) electricty to drive 300,000 miles, or 10,000 gallons of gasoline. Which is better for the environment?
      An electric car is 70% efficient. An ICE car is 30% efficient.
      Love my electric car. No maintenance, hydro powered here in British Columbia. Zero emissions. $2 to drive 100 miles. -will never go back to an ICE vehicle.

      Get your head out of the sand people

  4. Tom,

    Where is all the electricity going to come from? And if you think $2.00 to drive 100 miles is going to remain the going rate then I have a bridge to sell you. Buying electricity is all apart of the market economy as well Tom. If more electric cars are on the road there will be more demand for electricity and rates will shoot up, especially if ignorant greenies can’t wrap their pee brains around the concept of filling electricity capacity/demand. NO! and your damn UN-ENVIRONMENTAL wind turbines and just as bad for the environment solar panels are not going to cut it.

    OBTW you talk about electric motor efficiency vs gas engines. Well unless you use nuclear, coal, gas, oil and or hydro to create enough electricity efficiently, your electric motor efficiency fails as such if you try to get electricity only from from wind power and solar power. Also the efficiency of time crux is this. You are on a drive and need to charge your car. If you find an open charge station you will need 20-30 minutes to get about a 75% charge, where as I can pull into any gas station and within 3-4 minutes fill my tank and be on way. Which is truly more efficient in life and time Tom?

    And your electric car has the sweat, tears and blood of child labour in Africa and slave labour in China on it. Think about that as you try to virtue signal your NON green environmentalism status to us Tom.

  5. Just keep driving your ICE car Les. Mine runs on 100% hydro power. And new hydro capacity is coming on stream in British Columbia. So yes, it is more efficient. Yours runs on fuel that has to transported hundreds of miles. Already, my hydro provider is contemplating $.05 per kWh during off peak times for EV owners. So much for electricity becoming more expensive.
    It takes 40 minutes to charge the car from zero to 80 when I am away from home. You’re stopping at gas stations where most of the time, I’m fueling up while I sleep.
    There will be new sources of Lithium, including the Salton Sea in California, and technological advancements eliminating the need for precious elements. In the meantime, oil production supports countries that have poor human rights records.
    Nothing is perfect Les, but the electrification of the auto sector is the future. I’m happy to take your spot at the EV charging station while you head to the pumps and fill up for $100.

    • Saw this on another forum.
      Take a meter that can measure EMFs into the cabin of electric vehicles while they are running.
      Supposedly the EMF levels are along the lines of microwave ovens.
      I have not been in an EV to do this.
      Are you able to do this test and let us know what happens?

  6. You can find anything on the internet to support any theory. All I can suggest is that you speak to someone who has some expertise in EMFs. If you are convinced EMFs are an issue, then stick with an ICE as long as you can.

    • So, no concerns that you could be driving a microwave oven?

      Think of cell phones with lithium-ion batteries and brain cancer. The cell battery is nothing in size compared to what you are sitting on top of in your car.

      Might be worth getting a meter inside your car for peace of mind.
      If you do, please let us know what you find.

  7. @Poly Tics. My eldest brother was a commercial electrician for over 30 years. He explained the hazards of pro-longed exposure to EMF and lent me his Gauss meter to do some testing around my home. I left it on during the drive back and passed a sub-station about 100 yards from the road. The EMF from it sent the needle into the red as far as it would go. Same thing happened for driving under transmission lines. The low-volt power lines in my alley give off much less but the EMF is still there. There was a reason our elders told us not to stand by the microwave back in the day. The EMF from it was over the top! Burners from stove top, the oven, speakers from clock-radio. Remember the spiral CFL bulbs they sold us all on? He said those weren’t safe either. They get too hot and give off high amount of EMF. One started to burn up at a friends place soon after he got it! Good thing someone was home. We used to have a shop cat that loved to sleep on the keyboard of the laptop for warmth. She was getting a dose of sky-high EMF from that too! The meter went as high as it would go as I held it over the keyboard. My brother advised the use of an external keyboard for mine and I took it. I’ve never had the opportunity to test a Smartphone but I wouldn’t be surprised if they are not safe either. My brother passed away quite young at just 68. We’re not sure if exposure all those years was a factor. At any rate he was right about staying a safe distance away from things that emit EMF just to be sure. His stories were true and the evidence before my eyes was telling as I used the meter. I wasn’t going tell a man who spent his life working around electricity he was wrong.

  8. I’m sorry to hear about your brother. Depending on what you read, it seems wifi may also be hazardous, yet it is all around us. In addition, the electronics in every new car give off emf radiation, including Bluetooth, push button start, radio/speakers, electronic controls, etc.
    The electrician who did the electrical upgrade on our house renovation recently bought a Tesla. He is 65, and obviously does not seem concerned with emf radiation in an EV. Clearly, there is conflicting information on this issue. I guess you have to go with who you trust.
    It would seem an EV is not in your future. I can’t say enough about how positive my experience has been with an EV. -and at $6 for 400km of driving, I don’t even look at the price of gas anymore.

  9. I am sorry to hear about your brother.
    There are dozens of YouTube videos on the subject. In many cases, they show the emf readings in EVs and in ICE vehicles.
    I don’t doubt that watching some of these videos will result in differing opinions on the subject. It comes down to who and what you trust.

    • Wifi is bad too.
      Big difference between the EMFs in an ICE vehicle and sitting on a large lithium-ion battery pack.