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Dallon Leger TerMaat

May 18, 2022

For those inspired by Tamara Lich and all she has done I have a bit of an update for you.
It is to my understanding that the prosecution will be moving forward to revoke Tamara’s bail as she was chosen to be the winner of the JCCF George Jones Freedom Award. The government somehow feels this award violates her conditions and merits her to be locked in a cell.
This woman is not a criminal. She is a hero. If you do not agree with what she stands for, give your head a shake. She stands on the foundation of what this great country stands for. After meeting this woman I know her heart and that is one of pureness and love. This woman can change the world, she already has, and because of this she has become a political prisoner.
I have faith in her legal team, but I ask that tonight you all think of Tamara as tomorrow much can change for her. You may not see her face everyday, you may not hear her voice, but we can never forget the message that inspired the world.






  1. Karma will be when the propagandists in the media are sitting in jail thinking maybe I should have stood up for Tamara and what was right.
    Note: Giving benefit of the doubt that these people can think.