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On Thursday, during a study on the rise of ideologically motivated violent extremism at the House of Commons Public Safety committee, Conservative MP Dane Lloyd grilled security officials for failing to investigate the 30 church burnings that occurred last year. In 2021, 68 Christian churches in Canada have been vandalized, burned down or desecrated after the announcement of the apparent discovery of graves found near a residential school in Kamloops, BC.




  1. ‘Apparent’ is a way to describe it. So is “We ‘think’ there ‘might’ be graves there since all we bothered to establish was the ground had been disturbed, but never actually proved there was anyone there”, leaving this whole thing as a big ‘maybe’ treated as gospel (Kinda like my life where every accusation is treated as gospel, no matter how ridiculous / untrue/ blatantly false it was because it was directed at me).

    Dane Lloyd is doing a good start (He has a good track record in that regard), but he’s not really hitting them with the hardball questions and his follow-up needs serious work. Another concern I have is why is no ever directed to actually ‘answer’ a question, instead of continually being allowed to get away with this constant ‘Dribberal’ (Liberal dribble) they continuously spew, giving these neverending non-answers and being allowed to dodge questions time and time and time again. I remember catching the video clip on Dane Lloyd where he had to keep asking the same question over and over and over and over because the police chief of Ottawa was showing he was an incompetent in being unable to answer a single question with a single yer or no, instead trying to take these roundabout ways to dodge it (The question being: Were any weapons found within the trucker convoy like the state-controlled media reported) and after several dodges, he finally got an eventual ‘no’ out of the police chief, proving the state-controlled media were a bunch of liars (and also got the admission that the ottawa police were tipped off about it by the state-controlled media in the first place).