A speech by Christopher James at the April 23, 2022 rally at Dundas Square in Toronto.

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  1. Many many of us have been saying this from the get-go and it’s only taken three and a half years and all this crap to happen and now people are opening their eyes well I guess it’s better late than never but a lot of the damages done seriously it is and quite frankly if anybody thinks for one minute that politicians took those vaccinations as you did you are sadly mistaken cuz they did not they know what’s in those vaccinations and they’re not going to take them now and it’s a lot more you can feed into it you just have to look man just look all they’ve been doing is feeding us a bunch of b******* because they have an agenda and it’s nice to hear that this person and I have to check out the doctor’s names that he’s mentioning because I won’t mention their name until I check it to say oh yeah that’s an actual person but it’s I’m glad to see somebody’s finally stepping forward trying to get things moving anyway hopefully this guarantee comes to an end quickly and
    Just a side note is I really don’t care for Ford okay but he’s a puppet to Trudeau and that’s all there is to it but he did make a statement a while back and he had to recant that statement and when he said it I thought well good for you because as we know our majestic leader don’t bring in all kinds of people into the country providing them with homes money and are Canadian people are suffering but that’s okay that’s not a big deal right but when this first came out Ford said well they’re coming here they better be prepared to work and I thought oh good for him you want something similar to you’re not going on social services and getting a free ride well the next day he had to recant that and I wonder who ordered that to be recanted because again there is another agenda for that I’ve mentioned it before I’m not going to mention it again you just have to