Jordan Peterson: “Justin Trudeau is a narcissist”




  1. Well for those of you who happen to be are majestic leaders loyal fans you need to check into this person’s history it’s all publicist and when he was at this school in Vancouver the elite school he wore blackface twice it was charges against him where he just abruptly left the school in the middle of the school term that he said oh you just wanted to change what you don’t just do that in the middle of a school term unless there’s something really terrible and we now know what that was but anyway he was charged with an incident but it all got swept under the carpet of course because he paid off the family 2.2 million dollars to be exact and this happened between 1999 and 1921 I don’t remember the exact date but it was in the buffalo Herald I believe is where I found most of the information okay so so far we’ve got a racist we’ve got a pedophile a thief a narcissist and when I say thief I’m talking about the we foundation where his mother brother and wife all receive money for speaking engagements how do you get 2 million dollars for speaking if that’s the case I want the job I can go and b******* people as much as anybody else anyway now out of that there’s probably other things that happen but we’re not going to get into that he’s handing our money away the Canadian taxpayers money like it’s his own money now I know he’s got an agenda and myself in a group of my friends all know this we’ve said it from the get-go that just suck not something was up and sure enough but this is an individual who has no political background at all but he got in office now I don’t care if people think he look pretty or is that nice hair I’m still thinking it’s a wig but who knows he’s called the Canadian people who pay his wages not that it matters morons imbeciles for the people that are free thinkers and God forbid didn’t get those needles well they’re a waste of space they need to go where are they going you know like what is it going to be like who was it in history was it Stalin that basically sent all these people to some Island and there was nothing there at all for them to eat or nothing to build a shelters with so I mean it was a lot of people apparently and then at the end of it there was only 2,000 left cuz they resorted to cannibalism so is that what he’s going to do with us or those people that you know don’t fit his mold and then you have that so-called family vacation however the only family member was his wife there was no where were the kids he had two of his cabinet members with them so family vacation plus you know gave them a couple million dollars bringing all these people in from another country it’s all fine and dandy that’s fine and dandy but when your own people are suffering living in tents on the street you don’t bring foreigners into the country and they get a house and money when the taxpayers who put that money there to begin with are living the life of poverty but that’s what he wants right anyway you know they’re saying there’s a crisis energy crisis the pollution climate yada yada but yet he’s flying in an airplane all over the place when he should be here trying to fix a mess he made but then he can’t admit he’s wrong it’s everybody else that’s wrong that’s the narcissist ma I just hope that when he becomes a civilian again which will come but he does get thoroughly investigated cuz right now he’s walking all that he belongs in jail shave his head put them in general population then he can have his little communist thing in jail you know I’m sure the the jail people there the prisoners are just love that especially when they find out he’s a pedophile question if he’s got had anything to do with Epstein when you’re so adamant about oh no that’s not the case and now they’re saying that depending on what news station you might listen to they’re saying that the picture they found where he was the fourth from the left I think it was was photoshopped but that’s coming across news news agencies that are paid off by the government I don’t not when you got the likes of Clinton Trump Andrew there’s a couple other actors that went there and yeah I just if bewilders me to think that these people do these things and I think it’s okay but then they got money so money walks and talks and the other thing I mean there’s a lot more I could touch on with that fool but is our little buddy MVP sing now this is another winner now granted he was not born on his native soil but apparently he can’t step foot on on his native soil why why can’t he step foot and the fact that he did what he did to put s*** face back in for a couple years no no he was paid off this whole business with them oh Trudeau’s going to to be continued continued