by Brad Salzberg

Western News Watch

May 11, 2022

Canada’s ultimate human rights legislation, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, was entrenched into the Canadian constitution of Canada in 1982. As established by nine provincial premiers, along with Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, the preamble to the Charter states that its foundation rests upon the following premise:

Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is undermining these principles, and will continue to do so for as long as he remains in office. The premise upon which “Supremacy of God” is based– at least ostensibly– is the belief in a Christian God. Paradoxical it is that Justin Trudeau has progressively eroded the Christian element since taking office in 2015.

As stimulated by current immigration policy, as well as community birth-rates, Christianity within our society is fading fast. According to the National Post, Christianity is presently in sharp decline, particularly among Canada’s United and Anglican churches.

“Religiosity in Canada is at an all-time low, with recently released data from Statistics Canada showing only 68 per cent of Canadians 15 or older now report having a religious affiliation. It’s the first time that number has dipped below 70 per cent since StatCan began tracking the data in 1985.”

The only areas of religious growth in Canada are found among Sikhs, Muslims and Hindus, none of which think of God in Christian terms. What effect does this have on the Charter’s Supremacy of God ethos? The outcome is a steady path toward an anachronistic social condition. So much so that one day the God element could be removed. Another possibility exists in the Christian image of God being usurped by a non-Christian conception.

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Canada’s ultimate human rights legislation, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, was entrenched into the Canadian constitution of Canada in 1982. As established by nine provincial premiers, along with Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, the preamble to the Charter states that its foundation rests upon the following premise:



  1. Communists always hate and attack God. The ‘Dear Leader ‘ as Justin surmizes he is, wants total reverence and obeying by the populous. God and faith interferes with this sick drive.

    Communists are the historic global leaders in genocide, persecution and failed societies. The fact that enough people of any nation can be duped to fall into Communism and the idiot rhetoric of their leaders is very troublesome.

    To those who read this and disagree with me and over the Supremacy of God and our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, I ask why do you not accept said God and Saviour? Why do you put all your trust and faith in atheism and thus the power of only mankind leading the flock. MAN IS FALlIBLE! To anoint a man as a human deity is YOUR mistake.

    What would it take for you to abandon your selfish ways in ignoring or not accepting God? Are you so in love with yourselves to not have faith in God? Are you so sure your Atheistic or Agnostic ways are the truth?

    Christians can back up their faith in the one true God. We are sure of it and even if it was just Pie in the Sky, well at least we try to live to God’s standards and knowing our future beyond our mortal life and that is better than creating a ‘ Dear Leader’ to fall on you knees over.

    Satan is good at making many of you to believe he does not exist. He is the master deceiver. He is dangerous to a malleable mind and one which only believes man is top dog and not God. Without God and his book of life and morals (The Holy Bible) WHAT BENCHMARK CAN YOU TRUST AND USE TO ORDAIN A JUST AN CIVIL SOCIETY?

    You see without acceptance of the supremacy of God and our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, YOU CAN HAVE NO BENCHMARKS! Hitler and his Nazis were just as true to their morals as you or me. Stalin, Mao, Polpots, Castro are each the same. Their truth in morals is as valid as yours with you being an atheist or agnostic. But once you accept Jesus Christ as your Saviour and espouse to try to live as close to the moral code of the Bible, THEN YOU HAVE A TRUE BENCHMARK OF MORALITY, JUSTICE AND TRUTH!

    Think about it!

    BTW I for many of my adult years fell into atheism and most often agnostics. I know how it is easy to ignore God and love only yourself and your ways as you follow your political/ cultural leaders as if they are God like. I end by saying beware. Satan, his demons and his useful human stooges can create a very compelling mixture or elixer in life, BUT IT IS ALL FALSE!

  2. Brad:

    Just to deal with one aspect of this essay , Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau did not establish the Charter . The Patriation Agreement which included the Charter , Indigenous Rights , equalization , minority language rights , amending formula etc. was agreed to by 9 Premiers and the Prime Minister on Nov 5, 1981.

    As a matter of fact the unilateral patriation and charter that Trudeau wanted was defeated by the SCOC on September 28, 1981.

    Brian Peckford
    Last Living First Minister Who Helped Create the Patriation Agreement Which Authorized The Constitution Act 1982 Which Included The Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

  3. Thanks, Brian. I will be careful to make a distinction moving forward. My thought was that the Charter was established under his watch, as opposed to being established by PET specifically.

    Keep up the good work, we appreciate your efforts


  4. Brad:

    No, not under his watch under all our ‘watches . It may have been your thought but it is not what you wrote for all to see and read. Historical inaccuracy. Admit it and correct your essay that you wrote not just going forward. Otherwise you are acting like those you criticize.


  5. I made the changes to the original article, which all future readers will see. Unfortunately it did not update the text within this article. My apologies for the mistake.

  6. Through his actions and his words Turdeau makes it abundantly clear he is a Godless Dictator. Same goes for Biden and all WEF Puppets.

    He trampled your Rights (The Law) with his coerced “vaccine” mandates.

    The failure to respect religous exemptions, and the whole pushing of the Satanic Woke agenda shows clearly he lives in Satan’s pocket.

    Now add in Canada’s Leading cause of death – Abortion – 85,000 annually and it becomes obvious that a great tribulation is coming to our Nation.

    Prepare for the worst as The Godless Georgia Guidestones Agenda is being unleashed on the world. The only hope is for those who put their full faith in the Lord Jesus.

  7. Satan’s followers have really turned this world into an evil place. One scum bag comes to mind ( trudope )
    If some people truly believe there is no God and everything we see was not created. I pray for you
    Trudeau can take everything I own away, it don’t matter. I bow down to no one but my Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. We came into this world with nothing and we will leave with nothing. But I will always have my LOVE OF GOD. No corrupt government will EVER take that from me.

  8. Will, thats right, we come to this world with nothing and we leave with nothing. Just as Dave Ramsey the American financial guru says with all his wealth, “He is only care taker of it for when he departs this world it will all be left behind for others.”

    As to God, the Christian theologian Frank Turek says in video lectures, “He has not enough faith to be an atheist.”

    To believe that nothing created everything we see and know out of nothing requires more faith than just accepting that God created it all.

    Sadly losers like Trudeau, Biden, Harris, Gates, Schwab and on and on will all sadly see God’s wrath if they do not turn from their, Godless, vile and evil ways and repent. It will be very scary for each in their death beds.

  9. So anyway I basically asked the priest we’re doing dinosaurs in school we have proof dinosaurs existed why aren’t they in the Bible you know questions like that questions that I can 10-year-old might ask I mean my 10 year old and I’m a senior now he basically says to me you believe in what I say and nobody else oh well I’m one of these people I don’t fall into a cookie cutter mode and if you’re going to try to tell me that I must do something no no I’m going to go the other way just to prove that you don’t run my life now as I was saying men have ruled our little global planet since we were able to stand on our two feet and look where they’ve gotten us right this plan is just steadily gone downhill well they’ve done some good and it’s not all that don’t get me wrong but the ones that are in power have a real testosterone issue my guns bigger your guns I got a bigger Army it’s like oh my God people well my penis is bigger than your penis well my favorite thing to that is God gave men two penises and you don’t think well with either one so shut up I like a comedian once said this is how much faith God had in humankind a woman releases one egg a month one a man every time he ejaculates he releases something like so many billion of these little guys every time so that’s how much faith you know God had man so to speak get the job done you have to have all this women need one egg and we were the ones chosen to carry the baby except for the poor little seahorse and he probably tried it out on him first and the seahorse so I can’t take this pain because we know men can’t take a paper cut anyway I think of the world was run by women we would see a totally different world and anyway and if you want believe in the holy book like I said that’s great your opinion but you have to be cautious because if you’re going to believe in something that man wrote you weren’t there to witness any of that that’s like what’s her name JK Rawlings with Harry Potter right she wrote that book she wrote that series so does that mean everything in that book is real no it doesn’t even though she’s got you know how many how many of these books has she wrote how many movies right I mean there’s some movies about the Bible too but not as many as Harry Potter and I’m rambling on again I’m sorry I’m just trying to make a point that we need change and it’s not the change that they’re going to be shutting down our throat in the next I pick it down to by the end of the year anyway kind of lost track there for a second to where I was going outside of insane in the membrane yeah it’s it’s just the world has become a very sad place very very sad