by Brad Salzberg


May 13, 2022

Canadian Security Intelligence Services call it “ideological motivated violent extremism is the agency’s catch-all term for a range of grievance-fueled extremism.”

“Not all of these instances meet a national security threshold, but CSIS has observed a marked increase in violent threats to elected officials and government representatives during the past two years.”

It takes but microseconds to arrive at a social condition burned into the psyche of the Canadian collective. Whatever problems exist in contemporary Canada, the public are responsible. Not government decision-makers, media propagandists, or socialist saturated academia. Always and forever, the responsibility is found in the attitudes of the public.

On the campaign trail in 2021, Justin Trudeau was met by jeering crowds at stops across the country. Much attention was paid to an incident where a protester threw gravel at Trudeau. He also had to cancel a planned rally in Bolton, Ont., due to concerns for the “crowd’s safety.”

After cancelling the event, Trudeau said he’d never seen “the same intensity of anger displayed along the campaign trail.” Could this be because no prime minister in history is disliked as much as Justin Trudeau? Could the reason for this reside in the idea that this PM has undermined freedom and democracy like no other?

Of course not. Who among us believes media would point to such an obvious explanation? CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star speak of growing anger in society, while refusing to consider government culpability. What do they expect– that citizens believe the Feds to be as pure as the driven snow? Innocent as the lambs? What a foolish notion notion it is.

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  1. It’s more than that; state-controlled media is deliberately re-directing that anger towards innocent parties that have nothing to do with this outrage: Christians, Churches, the (smarter) people that refuse the jab (citing their need to exterminate us, according to the Toronto Star), the list goes on… Anyone BUT the real culprits.

    This is why they are going after our guns; to prevent our people from enacting a form of ‘frontier justice’ towards them. Every day, most employees and smaller business owner go to work day after day scared honkless if they will still even have a job by the end of the day. Our political system doesn’t fear that because they live in their bubble where their actions have no personal consequences. They hide in their retreats and basements, isolated from the damage they are causing. In New Brunswick late last year they tried to prevent people from being able to feed themselves. Once they got a taste of having to fear the public for their actions, that was abandoned. Maybe if the rest of the political system got a taste of what it’s like to be a Canadian these days, we would see a bit more common sense. Jagmeet (Not Singh) got a taste of that in Peterborough recently, having to experience the reaction to all the lives he ruined (and later goes crying to Trudeau about how his feelings got hurt, too) and look how big a deal that is, like is if it’s the public is at fault for their appropriate anger. This also shows their attempts at misdirection aren’t working: People KNOW who to direct their anger towards, despite what the presstitutes are saying.