Premier John Horgan announces funding for a new Royal B.C. Museum alongside Culture Minister Melanie Mark and RBCM CEO Alicia Dubois in Victoria on Friday, May 13, 2022. DARREN STONE, TIMES COLONIST

Ed Note: When the new museum opens in 2030, they will drop “ROYAL”!!! 

by Darron Kloster

Times Colonist

May 13, 2022

The Royal British Columbia Museum— a destination for nearly one million tourists and locals every year — will be closed in September, torn down and replaced with a modern building in 2030.

Fifty-four years after the museum complex opened as a Centennial project, the province announced Friday it will invest $789 million to build a modern replacement.

Combined with the $224-million archives and collections building currently being designed in Colwood’s Royal Bay neighbourhood, the total price tag is $1 billion, which Premier John Horgan called the most significant cultural investment in British Columbia’s history.

The five-building museum complex, spread over five acres, has not seen any significant renovations in decades. It’s considered outdated, insufficiently accessible and filled with asbestos, and officials say it’s putting the collections and the people who visit and work there at risk.

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  1. So, the museum gets 2700 visitors per day? If it was open from 9am to 7pm, for example, that would be 270 people per hour. 5 people per minute?
    Is that even realistic?

    • You’re brilliant! Per google: The Louvre – 8-9 million visits per year, CN Tower – 1.5 million per year. The city of Victoria only claims 4 million visitors per year. It is not believable. Nevermind their disregard for global warming! How Dare They! Build something to encourage people to use ferries & cars to go to this tourist site.

  2. Wow unbelievable, what a waste of money. Has this idiot Horgan even walked down the streets in the west end here in Vancouver or Victoria. The homeless sleeping and begging in the street. We have young people as young as 33 who is disabled, only gets 1200 a month, gets assisted suicide because she cannot afford an apartment, forget food. We have a major housing problem, we have a real problem with our medical system with our BC hospitals running at 103%, just think if they spent the billion on hospitals and doctors. Recent news of the election not being legal, yet the authors say they are not looking at voiding or removing him. He should be removed immediately.

  3. Yup, politicians and their ‘legacy’ buildings. In West Van, Mayor Booth wants to spend 50+ million on a new arts facility. Is she crazy? They can’t even fill the potholes. But the itty bitty arts community, all self-serving elitists, want to further burden the 44-thousand residents with more taxes to pay for it. Get a grip all you corrupt politicians!

  4. So funny it is always innocent people killed in these false flag shootings never any of these AH politicians who work for the globalist agenda.

  5. Yes we need that money spent on a museum yeah maybe we can stuff Trudeau in his party and put them in there people might pay no couple cents to see that but anyway society needs to open their eyes the Canadian and American people are nothing but dirt under the feet of these politicians and Elite it’s all coming out and we’ve got our own people to worry about but yes come on down everybody come spend the wheel let’s see how you going to believe in Richmond Hill or are you going to live in a typical little area well Canadians that supported the country paid into the country are living in cardboard boxes and now in the States you can’t even get baby formula but we do have a shining night and that’s Bill Gates cuz his company apparently has managed to produce fake breast milk I wonder what extra goodies are in there??

    • I just realized in my comment I put down people would pay two cents to see that I forgot all about inflation and the fact that Canada no longer has pennies so I guess we’ll have to pay a nickel!!!😂