by Cosmin Dzsurdzsa

True North News

May 13, 2022

A British Columbia First Nations school is investigating after parents reported that teachers gave 4-year-old kids a homework assignment on masturbation.

The popular social media monitoring platform Libs of TikTok was the first to report the incident at T’lisa̱lagi’lakw School in Namgis First Nation in Alert Bay, B.C. based on a Facebook post.

Kindergartners sent home with masturbation assignment

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  1. They are trying to pervert our children. This is no longer deniable, only the willfully blind/ignorant refuse to see this. The ALPHABET MAFIA no longer hide in our institutions and no longer hide their vile degeneracy from our kids. They promote it and attack anyone who dares to try to show it for what it is, perversion, degeneracy, pedophilia and debauchery.

    The ALPHABET MAFIA have moved on from securing general rights and liberties for those who choose the homosexual lifestyle and have slowly but now increasingly accelerated the expansion of sexual perversion and debauchery among notably our youth. As the San Fransisco Men’s Choir sung on the infamous and debased Youtube video, “We’ll convert you children, it happens bit by bit and you’ll hardly notice it….”

    If anyone still thinks that there is the ALPHABET MAFIA, along with mainstream media, Hollywood, music industry and liberal/left politics no agenda on sexual perversion, buggery, debauchery and pedophilia going on over our young people today, then I say YOU ARE EFFING DUMB AND BLIND A WELL AS COMPLICIT IN SUCH DENIALS!

    These degenerates are stealing youthful innocence and it’s a crime and immoral Every perp of such debauchery should be fired at minimum from their jobs with kids, but more so arrested and charged with various felonies against our kids. Once convicted they should all serve lengthy prison sentences.

    Look, if consenting adults choose to live a homosexual lifestyle then so be it. Our laws protect this, but we need not celebrate it, virtue signal for it, nor promote it. It’s a sexual deviancy and is abnormal for only about 3-4% of adults claim to be homosexual. So just live your lives in peace and stop pushing you crap on the majority of us let alone our kids. We need to tolerate any and all including the ALPHABET PEOPLE who live generally lawfully. But we need not be forced to accept it, nor celebrate it, or bend knee to it. Just shut up and live the homosexual lifestyle you all choose. Our modern society has given you all this. STOP PUSHING IT OR MARK MY WORDS YOU WILL ALL BE PUSHED BACK INTO THE PROVERBIAL CLOSET BEFORE YOU MAY KNOW IT!

    Mess with society your perversions and increasing debauchery, mess with our kids and soon a great awakening will happen and what may come your way will not be so enjoyable for you. So take the win, you got your rights ACT AND BE NORMAL, LIKE THE REST OF SOCIETY NOW OK? The closet will be sad place to end up in if the ALPHABET MAFIA do not stop their activism or debauchery and buggery. Sorry if my words may seem harsh, but they are more true than not and need to be read or heard.