by Brad Salzberg


May 11, 2022

This week, the Conservatives and Liberals voted down a Bloc Québécois motion to remove a prayer that begins the day’s proceedings in the House of Commons. 

NDP Party Leader Jagmeet Singh voted in favour of its removal. It’s becoming increasingly clear that Mr. Singh has a problem with Canada’s ties to Britain, in addition to its official religion of Christianity.

As reported by the National Post, “the 30-second prayer is non-denominational”– a dubious claim at best. The prayer includes a reference to God. Much to the chagrin of Mr. Singh, the Sikh God Waheguru is not the deity being referenced.

We uncover a consistent pattern in the politicking of NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh, as he articulates in the following:

“I don’t see the relevance of it [ties to Britain] and I don’t think that most Canadians do,” Singh told CTV News in November, 2018. Not only does the NDP Leader maintain an animus toward Britain– he thinks even less of Canada:

“The reality is: our Canada is a place of racism, of violence, of genocide of Indigenous people.”

Extent of media condemnation the NDP Party Leader? Begin at zero, and continue till you get to nothing. You really have to wonder how people with this degree of animosity gain leadership positions in Canadian politics. Then again, Justin Trudeau is our prime minister.

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  1. When we elect enemies of a nation into political office people like this (POS) is what we get.

    I knew that Singh was banned from India but only recently read he’s also banned from the USA. THINK ABOUT THAT especially you NDP voters. To which yes and now sadly I admit voting NDP a number of times in my younger years. But it was a different NDP back then. Yes, it was Pinko Commie loving back then, but the NDP still talked about general values in and of Canada and for the working family. TODAY AND ESPECIALLY UNDER SINGH THEY DON’T GIVE A CRAP ABOUT THOSE VALUES!

  2. In all reality what can we actually respect expect when you think about him and Trudeau they’re the perfect pair throw Biden in there and you got three blind mice don’t like any of them don’t know how any of them gotten office they all have questionable backgrounds but yet they’re still there imagine cheese I wonder who’s backing them and you know if you could find that out then I think the s*** would really hit the fan but not just that if the stuff that they’re putting on here but what’s in those jobs and that it should be out in mainstream only problem is mainstream papers and so forth are paid off so you’re not going to see it I would like to see somebody get a couple of those bottles of vaccines so called vaccines make sure it’s the real thing and give it to every one of the liberal caucus give Trudeau like five shots of it and sing sing because they didn’t take the real thing what they took was placebo’s cuz they know what was in those needles I just wish to God that you people out there open your eyes because what you’re getting is not what they’re selling you and it’s starting to come out now and the only problem is because you’ve got these needles you’re sort of stuck between a rock and a hard place cuz it doesn’t seem to be a way to get it out of your system so I’m going to say something here that I really shouldn’t say but I was just so angry when it was happening and it still is how the Trudeau is turned everybody against the so-called unvaccinated yeah well what do you think of Trudeau now when you find out what’s going to happen down the road it’s already happened to like a million people and unfortunately you may become one of them in the next 10 years that’s what they’re saying so maybe you should have went with the ones that said this sounds fishy it wasn’t tested long enough we didn’t do this with the other so-called flus but you didn’t do that instead you listen to this dictator who doesn’t give two s**** about anybody but I’m so anyways backing but even that person may turn on him yet you know you get when you’re getting involved in something like that they’re going to throw everybody else under the bus before they get run over