Totalitarian Regimes’ Preferred Method of Control

by Bruce O’Hara

May 11, 2022

The mass media tends to obsess about big, flashy events. I think that very small incidents are often more indicative of what’s really happening in the world.

A case in point is a story passed on to me by Michael Easton of the Easton Spectator. Former Newfoundland Premier Brian Peckford was slated to talk to high school students at Ballenas School in Parksville.

Brian Peckford

Peckford is the last surviving signer of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. He lives in the Parksville area. I can imagine no better way to make Canadian constitutional history real and immediate for high school students than to have Brian speak to their class.

The teacher who had organized the event was called into the Principal’s office and told the talk had been cancelled. Apparently the school could not risk ‘someone asking the wrong question or Brian saying the wrong thing.’

Brian Peckford is currently challenging Canada’s travel ban for the unvaccinated in court on the grounds that it contravenes the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. For that reason, the school, or perhaps the School Board, decided to censor him.

What this story illustrates for me is how totalitarian regimes prefer to exert control. Yes, Big Brother Government can send mounted police charging through crowds of peaceful protesters, but then the raw power of the state is a tad too obvious.

Better to convince the general public to do the policing for you. Conduct a relentless campaign to convince the general population that those who haven’t been vaccinated are selfish, misogynistic racists – perhaps even Nazis! Insinuate that the unvaccinated are somehow responsible for the spread of COVID so as to distract people from noticing the obvious reality that the vaccines were completely ineffective at preventing the spread of Omicron.

Convince the general public to hate the unvaccinated, and they’ll do your dirty work for you. They’ll ask their unvaccinated relatives not to come to Christmas dinner. They’ll write letters to the editor demanding mandatory vaccination. And, yes, they will censor the last living signer of the Charter of Rights and Freedom for defending that Charter in court.

If you brainwash people thoroughly enough, they won’t even see the irony in that.

We’re now seeing exactly the same process happening re the war in Ukraine. We’re being made to hate all Russians. The war in Ukraine is a crime against humanity. It’s the only war that’s important.

Never mind that there are tens of thousand of civilians being killed in Yemen with American weapons – that war isn’t important. Never mind that American troops are illegal invaders in Syria right now – that war is trivial. Never mind that millions of Afghans are hungry right now because the United States froze that country’s foreign currency reserves. Never mind that hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians have died during 20 years of American occupation – America was defending freedom! If you love Ukraine you will erase from your mind all memories of what NATO did to once prosperous Libya.

Convince people to fervently hate all Russians and they will cheer as NATO escalates closer and closer to World War 3. They’ll call out anyone who urges caution as a ‘Russian sympathizer.’ They’ll say anyone who advocates for a negotiated settlement is ‘defeatist.’ They’ll signal their virtue by blinding themselves to the real, live Nazis at the heart of the Ukraine military. Like the US Government, Big Brothers little helpers are quite ready to fight to the last Ukrainian. For peace.

How many billions of dollars of weapon systems can NATO countries pour into Ukraine without being considered to be at war with Russia? I suppose we’ll all find out soon. (Think of it as Russian Roulette for the whole planet.)

Do you suppose those who are so willing to do the Government’s bidding in cheerleading the way forward to all-out war, will feel any regret if they look up one day and see a giant mushroom cloud burning bright on the horizon?

Big Brother needs lots of little helpers. Some to act as censors, some as enforcers, some as shamers. Some do their part by remaining silent. Are you one of them?




  1. Will, where I’m from my family and I have tried darned hard to make the people see what’s going on but they don’t want to see, they don’t think that our government criminals would do anything wrong, or that they would hurt them in anyway, but like I’ve said when you what the truth you have to look deep, you don’t watch tv cause all you get there is Trudeau lies and more lies. I’m so proud of Brian Pickford, for all he’s done to try and keep our country free from the government criminals, but with little minds like Justin Trudeau, it’s hard to keep anything straight. The people of nl are so up the liberals ass that it’s shameful and it makes me sick, and when you don’t comply with their bullshit, ya better watch your back! I would like to thank all you good people out there for trying so hard to expose the corruption that’s in our country.🙏