Acclaimed vaccinologist, Geert Vanden Bossche, sits down for his second groundbreaking interview with Del to explain why the intense pressure mass vaccination is putting on the Covid-19 virus will likely drive it to become catastrophically deadly.






  1. I know and understand that God does not want us to hate on the sick minded, evil and corrupted as we see today, especially recently revealed through all this Covid 19 crap!

    God is perfect and is able to offer perfect grace, but he is able to pass judgment on all these, corrupted, arrogant, lost and evil souls today, to which he will when they pass away and meet their judgment by him.

    But he so wants us as God’s children to not wish ill will on this cabal of self righteous and smug evil along with their useful idiots. But it’s so damn hard to not wish bad things happen to all these crazy, vile and evil people. I may try to pray that they all find the truth and find humanity and understanding of human liberties, but it’s tough God. I find it so hard to not want to wish bad things on them.

    I guess my POV is to now wish/pray that they see their evil ways and resist these ways they are acting on, but if they don’t then I am on board with administering our justice on them, holding all these sadly sick minded, corrupted and evil people to account including the ‘just’ ending of their human lives here. This is the best on this issue I as a human can do God.