by Keean Bexte

May 11, 2022

Justin Trudeau and his government have given the World Economic Forum nearly $3 million in Canadian taxpayer dollars over the course of a year.
The WEF is a vile organization, and Trudeau is abusing his position to send his puppet masters money.

The Trudeau government provided the World Economic Forum with $2,915,095 between 2020-2021, as well as giving the United Nations a whopping $1.576 billion all in Canadian taxpayer dollars.

Remember when Klaus Schwab bragged about “penetrating the cabinet” of Justin Trudeau, boasting that over half of the Liberal bosses were under his wing? This is just one consequence of that.

This is a sleazy thing to do, especially when Canada is already under mountains of debt (thanks to Trudeau).

What do you think about this? Is it money well spent?
Keep fighting for what is right,

Keean Bexte

P.S. We are redoubling our efforts to collect signatures on our petition to stop Canada from signing the World Health Organization’s Pandemic Treaty. If you or your friends haven’t signed it yet, please do so ASAP!

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  1. That’s all? Considering how bought-and-paid-for that brainless puppet is; to be a total servant of the globalist agenda (that does include murdering most of us), I am surprised he’s not giving them 100x that.

  2. Justin Trudeau will fall on his knees one day and I hope it’s sooner than later, with everything that he as done to Canada and the people, surely you can only get away with it for a while before something happens. He is a disgrace to our country and he’s also a very disturbed individual.

  3. Agreed, but that is not it works. In Liberaltopia, we all exist to support and prop up our (rigged) election results.

    The problem with electric cars is the electricity is still generated from something that has some sort of byproduct; hydrocarbons, nuclear fuel, etc. At least with coal and hydrocarbons, it pumps out CO2 which the plants use and absorb, thus plants will continue to thrive and grow while we use fuels. The whole thing with electrical cars is (pretty much) political misdirection aimed to make themselves look good at our expense. Gas is about 50% more expensive when crude was at these prices in 2008. What is the big difference? Endless Trudeau taxes making our ability to survive all the more difficult (Gotta help pay for those endless private jet trips around the world to lecture others about freedom and democracy; the stuff you like to suppress and destroy on a casual basis, eh?).

    Trudeau is willing to throw all 38 million Canadians at Russia just to save his own skin (while he hides in a bunker like the chicken coward he is), so like I said: It’s all about him, his full 10/10 narcissism, 10/10 psychosis issues, his 10/10 mental disorders and 10/10 ‘can only hear the ocean from his ear’. I can’t see any population with even half an IQ point actually electing this obscenity into such a critical position in Canada just so he can parade around his socks (As the ex-Prime Minister of Australia once put it). Total… rig… job.

  4. the BS Covid scam, and the climate change scam is all brought on to the sheep of the world to steal our money and control the population. The climate has been changing for thousands of years and will continue to do so. The so called science is bought and paid for by corrupt POS at the WEF and others.
    Covid is the flu, and if people believe we can control the weather. You better wake the hell up