by Brad Salzberg


May 10, 2022

A fundamental of economic theory calls for a distinction between microeconomics and macroeconomics:

 “Microeconomics is the study of how firms and households make decisions; macroeconomics is the study of the economy as a whole.” 

It is critical to recognize that “the whole” can exhibit properties that are not present in its parts. Therefore, it makes sense to conclude that the whole of the economy is more than a simple sum of its parts. 

On the topic of abortion, debate has exclusively focused on the “micro” component– the right for women to control their own bodies. What occurs when the “macro” element is applied. Do relevant patterns emerge that are crucial to the abortion debate? Has media refused to divulge facts which are integral to the “big picture” discussion?

Of course they have. Analyzing abortion rates on an international scale uncovers some fascinating trends. For example, the issue of which countries maintain unrestricted abortion policy, and those which do not. On this basis, we come to recognize that abortion is very much a “western-centric” affair. It is by far western nations which indulge in unrestricted abortion policy.

report entitled Countries Where Abortion Is Illegal 2022 illustrates the phenomenon.

No Restrictions: Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Canada, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Russia, Sweden, United States.

Only To Preserve Physical Health: Burkina Faso, Eritrea, Ghana, Kenya, Kuwait, India, Jordan, Morocco, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia. 

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  1. If I get drunk then get into my car to drive it. If I crash the car and injure or kill another person, I ask what will happen to me under the law?

    1: I will be arrested.
    2: I will be charged and if killing another person likely with vehicular homicide.
    3: I will be put on trial and odds are found guilty of the crime.
    4: I will go to jail for a certain number of years.

    I a woman chooses to have unprotected sex and gets pregnant based on this choice. She then chooses to go to a (often taxpayer funded) baby killer abortionist and has her unborn baby murdered, what will happen to her under our laws?

    1: NOTHING! In fact she will most likely have us the taxpayer pay for her abortion.
    2: The so called doctor will also not be charged and will receive payment for murdering the unborn child.

    Do you all see the differences between both points made above? Only abortion, the murdering of another person in as the unborn child is LEGAL here and in many other nations.

    “But but but, if we make abortion illegal, then women will go get back ally abortions which is dangerous to her health.” says the supporter of abortion.

    Um yeah… no! First most women will choose to then carry the baby and if unwanted give it up for adoption.

    But also the argument is STUPID! So if I may?

    Homicide IS ILLEGAL! but people still commit murder right? Based on the silly back ally abortion illogic then why don’t we just make homicide legal here? It clears up all the problems of illegal homicide and we no longer will have to arrest and put on trial and in jail any persons who commit homicide.. PROBLEM SOLVED! NOT!!!

    Look, history and facts support this. If abortion is made illegal women will be again made to responsible and being so empowered as female power is they will better choose when and with who they have sexual intercourse with. There will be fewer unexpected and unwanted babies and these so strong and empowered women will enforce using protection (condoms or the pill) to basically eliminate the unwanted pregnancies.


    If you don’t want to get pregnant you can abstain from vaginal sex, or use contraceptives PERIOD STOP!


    OBTW, I use to be an idiot pro abortionist when I was a younger man and a virtue signalling libtard! I in the last decade or so finally saw the truth over abortion to change my POV!

    I recently saw youtube video of an ultrasound with a 4 month old fetus in womb. The baby was moving around and at one point essentially stretched up on its legs inside the womb… IT WAS AN AMAZING VIDEO! This was a 4 month old fetus folks. So think about that before you go choosing a pro abortion POV.

  2. Yes, the biggest criminals in our country trying to legislate what is law and what isn’t in Canada. This is rich. Trudeau has a criminal record most of us can only dream to ever build up in our lives and Jagmeet is wanted in India for his connection to planes blowing up (There is a reason his fellow Sikhs ‘refuse’ to call him Singh; a clear-case of serious inter-culture insults). So yes, please tell us how our cartel– I mean, government, is going to legalize the mass murder of babies. Oh wait, Trudeau already fantasizes about that every time he gets a kickback from those jabs that are causing record-level miscarriages.